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  1. Hi Rob I am in Hull also. The guys here are very helpful once you get to know them. Best to have some input before asking for something though. If you need anything send me a message mate. p.s. Get your best door knocking gloves on mate you will need them
  2. Got my FAC through and now have a Howa .243 . Bring on the foxes.

  3. Hi all I am currently in the process of completing my probationary membership of my local shooting club to enable me to get my FAC ( for target). I was just wondering about members thoughts on completing the NRA courses as it will be about £600 and is a good four hour drive each way for me. Cheers Paul
  4. Just got my first signed up permission. Happy days !

  5. I am looking forward to the Night vision range.
  6. Cheers guys. Appreciate the help and advice.
  7. Hi all I am considering getting a Lurcher but have no experience at all in dog training. Open to any advice on pup prices and training techniques and possibly even buying a good pup. Cheers
  8. Very kind of you to offer mate. Wish I was closer.
  9. Kipperidge gun dos will be displaying : "Kipperridge Gundogs was founded in 1990 by Adrian Slater. Adrian bought his first gun dog when he was 16 years old, after being captivated by their training ability and high standard whilst out in the field on a shooting day. Ever since, Adrian has carried his enthusiasm and great love for gun dogs till this very day, where he is now fortunate enough to share his passion with other dog enthusiasts alike by providing tailored professional gundog training services. Visitors to the South Yorkshire Game Fair will be able to watch displays by Adrian
  10. Hi meathumper and welcome. Which pop are you using ?
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