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  1. Richie092

    Lost Dog Medway Kent

    will keep me eyes open for you. I'm around that way
  2. Richie092

    4X4 Vehicle With Good Mpg?

    What a bout Freelander 2. 38 mpg and drives like a car but very good off road.
  3. Richie092

    Newark Game Fair

    Who can say. You really just have to give it a try. They aren't expensive shows to trade at so you aren't risking too much. Ring Natasha on 01702 549623 and have a chat with her.
  4. Richie092

    Newark Game Fair

    They do the game fair there on 18th & 19th then the week after they do the festive food show. As TOMO has said it isn't a great show for an exhibitor. Depending on what you are selling you may be better off holding for the festive show a week later. The organisers are Aztec Events. I have been trading with them for 4 years now so anything you need to know about one of their shows just ask.
  5. Richie092

    Business Banking

    Santander too. They charge for paying in cash and you can't use a counter it musy be a hole in the wall but there service on the phone is excellent and there are no other charges.
  6. Richie092

    Daystate Mk4 Is .177 For Sale

    Hi Mark Sent you an email re this to address in add
  7. Richie092

    New Member From Kent

    Thanks guys.
  8. Richie092

    Bsa R10 Mk2 Outfit

    No chance. No one will courier it as the gun itself has compresed gas cylinder attached. I can half understand them not wanting to transport the diving cylinder but was surprised about the gun! Shame as I really wanted it too. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Richie092

    New Member From Kent

    Hi All Have been spending a couple of weeks reading through all the helpfull information on here and now is a good time to say hello. I have an SGC and am currently on probation at my local club to assist in my FAC and have just got a place on a local syndicate with over 600 acres to shoot on so lifes good! Have already learnt loads by reading through the threads on here and look forward to learning more so will try to keep the daft questions to a minimum. regards Richie
  10. Richie092

    Bsa R10 Mk2 Outfit

    Ok will have a phone around this morning to a few couriers. Could you pm me an email address then please? I'm off to introduce myself belatedly in the introductions section...
  11. Richie092

    Bsa R10 Mk2 Outfit

    Hi, I am intereested in your gun but live down south. I know this is my first post and apologies for not introducoing myself first but have been spending a few weeks reading practically every thread on here first :-) If you are happy to post we can do a deal hopefully? Richie