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  1. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/121403124513?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2648
  2. Eastbourne, East Sussex proper down south haha ,
  3. Brilliant cheers the reply, few shat myself for a sec thinking i was doing something wrong as i havent heard about calling before even when i spoke to firearms officer. Defo extra hassle and if not needed will not bother.
  4. Hi Gents, I'm just reading thru a few post where shooters are calling the police (101) first before they go out shooting?? May i ask why? Is new and mandatory? I shoot at a local farm (9.5acres) and just knock on the door to let them know or text them.
  5. Excuse the my nick name, Its what the girls call me up there haha
  6. As per title lol I havent been clay shooting since late Feb as not having the time ( Keeping the Mrs Happy) all my spare time I have has been taken up by rabbit shooting with the air rifle on the farm i shoot at. I managed to pop up to my local CPC on Wednesday and came away with my best score! Great result and really happy as i thought i might of lost it and struggle as it has been while and also using the rife so much thought i might of got into bad habbits and stopped to gun swinging etc I had to stop for a quick pint to celebrate hahaha.
  7. Brilliant thank you for help gents it greatly appreciated! Not looking to put power up but want it perrrrrfect running hopefully 11/11.4 at max. Davey indeed if it ain't. Broke don't fix it and completely agree accuracy over power. Big and many thanks to pil ( Steve ) had a good chat and great advice!
  8. Is that the anti tamper which on the old S410 you could adjust the power by adjusting in and out.
  9. Ive had my Air Arms 177 S410 for about 2yrs and it hasnt been out for the last six months but i have got some more land so will be out with it again and thinkiing about giving her a once over / Service but what is this Air Arms Anti Tamper ? Does that mean i cant service it or mean i cant increase/decrease power?
  10. Really good offer! Im surprised not more interest, if only I was closer don't get opportunities like this in East Sussex : (
  11. Brilliant! Thanks for the advise gents Harris bipod it is.
  12. Hi all, Just need some advise. I have a Air Arms S410 Carbine with silencer and looking/needing to getting a bipod but unsure which one as lots about from expensive ones on (Unttings) to cheaper ones on Amazon. Can anybody tell me the difference and also how do you fit them> do they screw into the wood? Adam
  13. Just a quick one, how do i upload photo's? Was going to add a few pic's the guns and some hunting pics.
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