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    shooting, fly fishing, coarse fishing and playing golf
  1. DRGarner

    Pigeons, Its A Wrap

    I wrote a polite letter to over 30 landowners in my area asking for an opportunity to meet and discuss the possibility of pest control on their land. I received 3 not so pleasant replies. I did receive 1 respectable decline from the Lord Rayleigh Gamekeepers office. I am quite happy to knock on doors, travel and even carry out other errands or duties to obtain the opportunity to shoot some pigeons, but i guess all the pigeons flying around the Chelmsford area all have names on
  2. DRGarner

    Pigeons, Its A Wrap

    It would appear that you can't get pigeon shooting for love nor money anywhere. I can only assume that all the landowners are happy that the pigeons are being taken care of on their land. But as I drive around I cant help but notice that there seems to be an abundance of pigeons everywhere. They are quite happily sitting in someones field having their fill. I only hope that someone shoots them sooner rather than later, for the farmers livelihood
  3. DRGarner

    Wild Fowling In Essex

    Hi, looking for an opportunity to go wild fowling. Prepared to travel for the right opportunity thanks for reading
  4. DRGarner

    Hi From Essex

    Hi, I have just joined The Hunting Life. A big hello from sunny Essex. I am a 43 year old Surveyor from the Chelmsford area. Been into clay pigeon shooting for 27 years. Had a couple of successful pigeon shooting days up in Leicester. Looking for an opportunity to shoot some pigeons closer to home. If anybody knows a landowner struggling to control pests, I would be happy to talk to them. A bonus would be some driven shooting, or some wild fowling. Look forward to chatting with you guys, and hopefully picking up some realy good information, tips and knowledge from the more experienced guns out there Thanks for reading and happy hunting Darren
  5. DRGarner

    Syndicate Places Avalible

    Hi, Just joined and missed the original offer. please let me know if there are any more places available. Could have 3 guns interested. many thanks
  6. DRGarner

    Pigeon Decoying Over Rape/drilling Cambridgeshire

    Hi, do you still requires guns for the pigeon shooting. Looking for opportunities
  7. DRGarner

    Pigeon Shooting

    Hi, I am looking for an opportunity to work with Landowners in Essex. I would like to help with the control of any pests they have on their land that may be harming their crops and livelihood. I am available evenings and weekends. I can also be available weekdays with some notice I appreciate your time reading my post and look forward to any working opportunities that it may create many thanks