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  1. 2 hours ago, Ted Newgent said:

    also over there is no gun registry of non restricted firearms,so basically anyone who has a basic firearms license

    can buy whatever he wants and how many they want.

    so when the government decides that some non restricted firearms are now illegal,who's door

    are they going to knock on???


    they didnt quite think this through


    So, Jimmy Kiwi could have 10 semi auto rifles in his home, declare and claim compo on 3, keep the rest and the NZ government would be none the wiser ?

    And they say US gun laws are crazy !

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  2. 3 hours ago, walshie said:

    Someone suggested a fishing forum and got one. :yes:

    Therefore, Mr Moderator, may I respectfully suggest that a metal detecting section seems to have a good deal of support ?

    (And it was a "fishing equipment for sale" section..........just saying.saying.) ;)

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  3. On 19/03/2019 at 22:45, keepitcovert said:

    Like all other suggestions on here nothing will come of it, this section of gt is a waste of time.

    It will go to a narrow win by full referendum, followed by nearly 3 years of negotiation, endless infighting and a lengthy extension before there's a section called "Here treasure, treasure, treasure !"

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  4. I don't know if his parents didn't show him enough attention or what, but I can't work out what's wrong with that twat.........apart from being full of his own self-importance, obviously.


    He's SOOOOO committed to animal welfare that he only 'went vegan' two months ago !

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  5. On 21/03/2019 at 11:36, NEWKID said:

    I'm not a gun man myself, but can't understand why average Joe needs a semi auto weapon either??

    Rifles, shotguns etc yes of course but military grade weaponry is a bit ott for 99% of gun owners surely?


    I recently read about feral goat control in NZ.

    A 'standard' rifle allows one shot, the herd scatters and you schlep miles across rough terrain to locate them again, ready to pop the next one. Repeat as nauseum, until the herd is whittled down sufficiently. For the guys in that situation, a rapid fire weapon is first choice, and with good reason.

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  6. 2 hours ago, ChrisJones said:

    I can agree with that, mate, but I see only two avenues here. The first is that it will modernise and adapt like Christianity did after the dark ages, or it won't and we'll see sectarian lines drawn across the globe. All of the ideologies are spread through force above divine message. Fundamental religion is incompatible with democracy and it's not just the privelege of islam.

    I think that ship has already sailed, mate.

    The old Cold War, as we knew it, has ended and a new war is taking its place - the war between Islam, and what it sees as it's enemies, is growing and spreading.

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  7. I think Wilf has perfectly summed the situation up, with his "oil and water" analogy.........

    In my view, Islam is incompatible with the 'Western' lifestyle in general, and democracy, in particular.

    We have open discussions about the relevance and importance of religion - Islam tolerates no dissent, and views itself as superior to all other beliefs, which it attempts to eradicate. I am an an atheist (intolerable to a Muslim !), but I can equally decide to follow any faith, of my own choosing, if I see fit - apostasy is punishable by death in the Muslim world.

    Here, men and women are essentially equal - Muslim women are second class citizens within their own community. A British woman can marry anyone she chooses - a Muslim girl has her husband chosen, again dissent is not tolerated. Muslim women have little, if any, property or divorce rights, and are kept in their own native-language enclaves, lest they be "corrupted by our decadence".

    Muslims have little respect Western laws, and insist that their Sharia should be the dominant system - thus see themselves as above the law, since their rules were handed down by Allah himself (apparently).

    We have elected governments, voted for freely and fairly - Muslim countries tend to be ruled by authoritarian despots, who strictly enforced their one and only religion.

    I could go on and on, but take a quick read of the articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.........Islam contravenes every one of them !

    My last word will go to King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.......

      “The Democratic system that is predominant in the world is not a suitable system for the peoples of our region. … The system of free elections is not suitable to our country.”

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  8. I still have my first air rifle, a Stoeger X20S, but she suffered a broken spring a little while ago. My friend fitted a Titan 11, but it's left the gun 'rather twangy', shall we say.

    He suggested that I re-lube, as he only uses it very, very sparingly. I can strip the old girl down, so thought I'd do it myself this time, but I'm not sure which lubricant to use where. The most appropriate items I have at my disposal are Abbey moly, lithium grease and a good quality gun oil.

    Which parts should I lube (with what), and which not ?

    I know which part is which, but pease bear in mind that I'm Life President of the " I don't do technical" club !

    So, assuming that I've cleaned and degreased everything, rest to start again, it's over to you, lads......


    Thanks in advance.

  9. 23 minutes ago, Daniel cain said:

    get f****d? get on pornhub and have a wank, you strange little reality tv watching sheep you...give rusty a shout....you can morn your fellow chocolate brother come catalogue boy together.....in em homo fetish footwares you both into???‍♂️

    ........says the guy who posted about "Love Island hunk" - just saying like.

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  10. Welcome to THL mate.

    If we had a pound for every time we've been asked that !

    Permissions are difficult to get, so your unlikely to get a stranger to share theirs with you. Do the leg work, get out and about, get yourself known.........and be prepared for a load of knockbacks. Once you get your first permission, others usually follow, but you only get something out once you've put something in.

    That's how we all did it mate - good luck !



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  11. 33 minutes ago, micky said:

    I have met the Mcann's , shattered people as I would be , left the kids and paid a price , we done it hundreds of times in Spain  everyone did  then, when the kids grew up they left theirs , it was quite and safe we were in the Sussex bar in La Cala  till three in the morning then went bed blind drunk all the kids woke up then ,played football and swam , right or wrong that's what we did …….all of us .


    I've also met Mr McCann - he saved my life when I had a heart attack, a little while after his daughter went missing.

    Aware of who he was, I've shaken his hand and looked him in the eye, and I believe him to be a good and decent man - I can't say any more or less than that.

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  12. Excellent idea !

    I've long pondered about having a go, so I'd be interested in learning a bit about it. There's probably specialist forums, but I'll wager that they're populated by the type of bloke I spend my time avoiding, if you know what I mean  - we've got some smart fellas on here, so I reckon it could be a runner !

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  13. 56 minutes ago, bell said:

    Some job that mate......I turned up and pressed the bell to be let in by a fella that looked like he was out of the Adams family......I was a little apprehensive......

    Takes a little getting used to, but definitely the most interesting job I've had - endlessly fascinating. It's not actually as grim as you think..........

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