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  1. 1 hour ago, gnasher16 said:

    Do you think being poorly brought up in a shit area is exclusive to blacks ?

    Not at all, mate !

    I was brought up almost dirt poor, in a run down area of Nottingham.........but here's the difference between me and them.

    I was brought up by both of my parents, and both worked, even though it barely paid to do so ! Two or three days a week, I was looked after by my mum's dad - a 23 year army veteran, and he and my parents instilled a work ethic, a sense of common decency, manners and a respect for my elders.

    I was taught to respect the law and those that uphold it and to be decent to my neighbours - all values I still hold today !

    The points I was making aren't exclusively to blacks, though I accept they are overrepresented when it comes to educational underachievement, criminality and so on.

    My point was that ( individually), we tend to be a product of our upbringing and the experiences we are exposed to - 'normal' is whatever you're brought up with.........and for too many youngsters, not all of them black and not all of  them poor, this lifestyle' has become exactly that !

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  2. A loss of over 20,000 police officers over the last 10 years MUST play apart in this ? If there is less likelihood of being caught, you're more likely to break the law and, therefore, have less respect for the law ? But that, for me, is just one part of a larger puzzle.

    I'm not excusing criminality in  any way, and I may be oversimplifying this, but here's my take...............

    From an early age, most of the youngsters we're talking about here, begin at a disadvantage. I can't cite a source, but I remember reading that around 25% of kids from urban,  single parent families don't even know who their dad is, let alone have any contact with him ! They have no positive male influence in their lives and unavoidably mix with other kids in the same position. Their common belief is (rightly or wrongly)) that they have no future, no prospects and that education is a waste of time. Their mums can't, or won't, keep them out of trouble, schools don't have any meaningful discipline, so they get excluded and sent to a Pupil Referral Unit - these are little more than gang grooming centres ! In their spare time, they have no productive use of their time, so they congregate together, disrupting the local community. Big Bad Leroy comes along in his flash car, offers them a handful of notes to hide a parcel for a couple of days, or drop a box off down the road, and they are slowly sucked into a dysfunctional lifestyle, where violence and criminality become 'normal'. There's large-scale evidence that, if they refuse to cooperate, they are threatened, bullied and coerced into compliance, by a previous generation, who fell into the same traps. If they're caught with a knife (easy to obtain, easy to hide), there's no real penalty for the first couple of occasions so, again, no sanctions, no discipline, no reason to rethink your choices. And besides, the chances of getting caught are minimal, as the police are strangers to their neighbourhoods, in the normal course of things.......

    So, as I see it, there isn't a 'crisis' that will be solved by a single initiative. There's a whole web of pitfalls, that mesh together over time and too many youngsters get mired into it, and can't find a way out !


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  3. 2 hours ago, Jackknife said:

    Rod Stewart, Elton John, Greg Wallace, all three them do for starters. 

    Me and the missus had our own celebrity death list for years lol Bruce forsyth dropping put me on a high for weeks. 

    'Cos you have to take pleasure in small victories, mate !

  4. 1 minute ago, maxhardcore said:

    That's a big jump from 9 cases per 100.000 to 150 cases per 100000

    Rates worse than Rawanda and Iraq.

    And that's known cases.

    TB has soared Weather some would like to admit it or not .

    And that article is nearly 4 years old !

  5. 2 hours ago, Greyman said:

    I had chicken pox as an adult in my 20s knocked the shit out of me, it hits adults much harder than kids apparently, I was in a right mess for a good few days ???

    The good Lady BB suffers regular hours of shingles, the residual virus which childhood chickenpox leaves behind. Very painful, debilitating and makes her very ill for anything up to a fortnight ! ........she had it 6 or 7 times last year, and twice this year already !

  6. 1 hour ago, ChrisJones said:

    According to a very basic internet search there were 117,000 cases in 1913. This dropped to 5000 in 1987 and had rose to 7600 in 2005. The slight rise is attributed to drug resistant strains and people either refusing to vaccinate or not completing treatments.

    The NHS will accept anyone that turns up for any alleged ailment. They take regular calls from people who can't get a taxi from a pub. I sincerely doubt that there is a pandemic of undiagnosed TB cases in Britain, as medical professionals generally look for these symptoms at triage which is why I asked if you would cite your sources.

    I understand that the vast majority of TB cases originate outside the UK but I also know that homelessness, substance abuse, and prison time play a massive factor in it's transmission also.

    It's impossible to know the number of undiagnosed cases, but there has been a definite rise in diagnosed cases in recent years. I remember reading about this a few years back, and a quick search found this.......


  7. 3 minutes ago, TOMO said:

    cheers ...yes I hadn't thought of that

    It's true of nearly all infectious diseases that can lead to death, mate.

    Most AiDS patients, for instance, actually die of pneumonia, because the disease has compromised their immunity to such an extent that the patient can't fight off a simple infection.

  8. 5 minutes ago, TOMO said:

    what is it that kills them blackbriar??

    For any infection to take hold, it first has to suppress your immune system, which makes you vulnerable to secondary infection, such as bronchitis or gastroenteritis - which is why children are particularly vulnerable to measles.

    In most instances, it's not the initial infection that kills, it's secondary infection ("complications")

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  9. The Wakefield study, which alleged a link between the MMR vaccine and autism, was utterly discredited several years ago.

    Measles can be fatal - even today, with all our scientific advances, tens of thousands die of it. If you're worried about the increasing risk of infection, particularly for your kids, the only sensible thing to do is make sure they're vaccinated ! Most of us are of an age which saw almost universal immunisation against measles, but if your kids haven't been jabbed, get it done !

    The last available figures show that around 73,000 people worldwide die annually of measles - they weren't the first, and they won't be the last !

  10. 12 hours ago, Qbgrey said:

    Paul mc cartney,james corden,brian may,dianne abbot,cwris pacham.fingers crossed

    I have a deep seated loathing of all of those people, but Dianne Abbott ? 

    We can live in hope, brothers and sisters !!!

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  11. I hope it's Elton John, Dermot O'Leary, Ant or Dec (preferably both !), Davina McCall, Shami Chakrabarty, Tony Blair, any or all of One Direction, news reader who wave their hands about or the twat that broke my van light in Morrisons car park last night and drove off !

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  12. On 01/03/2019 at 06:14, dytkos said:

    News just in that someone has stolen a toilet from a police station. A police spokesman said they have nothing to go on.

    Cheers, D.

    A prison van crashed with a cement lorry earlier today.........police are looking for 6 hardened criminals.


    (I think both of those are courtesy of the Two Ronnies ?)

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  13. 15 minutes ago, walshie said:

    I was going to say they wouldn't get another penny off me after Lammy's comment but to be fair they never had have a penny off me. I don't consider sitting round with flies on your eyes, doing bugger all except breeding a charitable cause. 

    If Pammy doesn't want any more "white saviours", maybe the West should take him at his word ?


    (Edited to add - "Pammy" was the decision of autocorrect, but I left it, as I think it suits him !)

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