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    Hi all, Looking to buy a new set of binoculars but havent a clue where to start. Got between 50-100 pounds to spend. Any ideas?? Any help appreciated. Regards, BB
  2. Birdboy

    Dog Boxes & Tools

    Hi mate, thought i read somewhere that you do a 2 piece graff, if so have you got any pictures and price. Cheers, BB
  3. Birdboy

    Meindl / Lova Boots

    Right oh, thanks for the reply mate. BB
  4. Hi all, Just wondered if someone has had both these brands of boots and can compare boot sizes. Currently got a pair of lowa hunter extremes which are on there way out and looking to get a pair of meindl dovre's, Ive got an 8 1/2 in the lowa's just wondered if anyone can shed some light on whether an 8 1/2 will fit in the meindls. Cheers all, BB
  5. Birdboy

    Meindl / Lova Boots

    Really tidy boot mate, very warm and comfortable in the winter, Lasted me 2 seasons, but should have been more. I'm not the best at looking after boots, and they took a fair amount of graft!! I could probably get a third out of them easy, but fancy a new pair for the season. Cheers, BB
  6. Birdboy

    Red Fox Urine

    Hi all, Just wondered if anyone knows of any suppliers in the UK? Been getting it from US but P&P is getting daft! Cheers, BB
  7. Glamorgan Hunt Working Terrier & Lurcher Show Sunday 15th of July The Kennels, Llandough, Cowbridge, CF71 7LR Judging starts at 1:00pm Qualifiers: NWTF Champion of Champions 2012 EDRD Show Finals Entered Terrier / Working Lurcher The Derbyshire Bull Cross Finals Digging Competition Bar & Refreshments available All welcome, please come along and support
  8. To all bull cross owners.........keep your f*****g dogs in work so they dont chew up my spaniel......THANKS!!!

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    2. Simoman


      I wouldn't blame the breed, clearly to owner was a moron

    3. Birdboy


      I know simo, i own a bull x myself just f****d off having my boy in the vets cause of a f*****g dog giving him a hiding!!

    4. just jack

      just jack

      owners are the worse in any dogs mate, as you have gathered, hope all comes up trumps

  9. Birdboy

    Hunting whips

    Just wondered if anyone knows of someone selling cheap whips, dont want anything fancy, hounds have chomped through two of mine now. Will only be used round the kennels. Dont need a thong just the whip. Cheers, BB
  10. Hopefully sending a fox mask to John Hallett this week, just wondered if anyone has had one done by him recently and what the cost was? Cheers, BB
  11. Hi all, On the look out for a bull cross, preferably 5/8 - 3/8 or 1/4. About 25-26", anything from 10-14 months would be ideal. If anyone knows of anything let me know. Long shot i know this time of year!!! (Wheaton/Deerhound x's also considered) Cheers, BB Edited to say living in S Wales, but will travel within reason
  12. Hi mate, just wondering what sort of money your wanting for the pup? Have u got any pictures you can send? Cheers pal, BB
  13. Birdboy

    best boots for digging

    Lowa Hunter Extreme GTX. Done 2 seasons in mine, top boot! BB
  14. Hi all, Looking for a french hunting horn, have looked on the internet but struggled to find anywhere that sells them second hand. I anyone can help point me in the right direction, would be much appreciated. Cheers, BB
  15. Hi all, well new season is fast approaching and was wondering what people like to wear out digging? As im out with the hounds, and on a quad, ive worn the smallville deerhunter suit for a few seasons. Which is ideal for the damp and dirty days, keeps you dry and can take some ware and tare in the brambles and while on the shovel. I also wear the carharrt duck double fronted trousers which give good protection but are not water proof! I need stuff thats warm on the bike but breathable once you start digging. Just wondered if anyone had any other suggestions? Or cheaper alternatives? Cheers, BB
  16. Birdboy

    only a few bits left some sold!!!!!!!

    South wales mate, bit of a trek, thought I'd ask about P&P as its just the set up my mate is looking for. No worries mate. BB
  17. Birdboy

    only a few bits left some sold!!!!!!!

    Hi mate, Would there be any chance of posting or would it weigh too much>?? Cheers, BB
  18. Birdboy

    Carhartt Clothing

    Hi all, Looking to buy some carhartt gear for the new season, just wondered if anyone new of a reliable uk seller on internet? Cheers, BB
  19. Birdboy

    harkila gaiters

    I'll have a pair soapy, send me a pm with payment details. Cheers, BB
  20. Still looking for a black pup in south wales....any help!!