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  1. archie


    Cheers chaps thats big help ill get intouch with them thanks again.Archie
  2. archie


    Hi everyone can anyone help.a couple of years back i brought a quickset long net with alloy poles second hand off a chap who had told me he had brought it from some company which i cant remember the name of. Ive search the net for net suppliers which sell these nets with the alloy poles but carnt find any.Does anybody know where i can find them....cheers
  3. archie

    Just Some Of My Rabbit Net

    Had some of these nets off rabbiting man and they are bang on,that impressed i ordered 40 more lol.
  4. archie


    pmd you mate
  5. archie

    My collie x

    She looks a cracker mate i dont think you'll go wrong with her .Cant wait to see them out doing it :thumbs: :thumbs:
  6. archie

    Bedlingtion/Whippet x Saluki/Greyhound

    Cracking looking dog mate and from what you said i dont think you will go far wrong... :thumbs:
  7. archie

    ferreting in the sun

    Good work lads nice pics :thumbs:
  8. archie

    What have these men got in common ?

    BRING BACK HANGING :censored: :censored: :censored:
  9. archie

    Old teaching the young

    good write up mate well done
  10. Well done lads another good job
  11. well done lads sounds like you all had a cracking day
  12. archie

    Anyone fance a few hours with the crew

    :clapper: Great offer steve fair play to you mate. Who ever takes you up on your offer is sure to have a cracking day
  13. archie

    Cropsafe Crew (man down)

    Good going lads.Steve im suprised theres any rabbits left up your way :laugh: looks like another good day atb
  14. archie


    :laugh: :laugh: I like it mate well done
  15. archie

    F*ck the bad foot I'm out with the crew

    Fair play to you steve cracking pics and good right up as always :clapper: