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    Hi does anyone know of any cocker pups preferably staffs area but will travel, not stupid money either, and before anyone starts off on one yes I can afford one and no I don't want one for nothing as im no peddler it will be for life not a money grabbing machine, thanks P.s sorry if any one takes offence to my post, but I could go on pets for home and get one for stupid money just on here I hopefully know it has had working parents and looked after by decent honest people, thanks gaz
  2. Gazmapp

    Unsure Which Breed

    Hi all just getting into my shooting and was after a good breed of dog but unsure which breed, was thinking maybe a cocker, also do lot of ferreting as well so good for that also, anyone kno of any litters
  3. Gazmapp

    First Run

    Know it's not a good pic but that's my girls
  4. Gazmapp

    First Run

    My new coop and run for my first 3 birds
  5. Gazmapp

    Being A Pain I Know

    All I want is something that looks nice but maybe a little different, and eggs from it, I know I am awkward lol and I should of explained myself better in first place
  6. Gazmapp

    Evening,newbie Needs Help

    Incubater mate brought them less than a day old
  7. Gazmapp

    Evening,newbie Needs Help

    Cheers for honesty I thought same as yourself, but misses wants me to give it till morning
  8. Gazmapp

    Being A Pain I Know

    Another question, I would like something different as the misses has her chicks (silkies) so I was wondering what I could have obviously they would have to live together so something that will get on with the woman's birds, plus not too expensive and in staffordshire area, any suggestions anyone
  9. I got some chicks yesterday ( well misses did) only day old, silkies to be exact, and all are fine except 1 it's legs r pointing out I have researched this and seems to be straddle leg (if that's right) I have taped the legs together as seen on Internet but the chick is literally just lying there doing nothing any idea what is best to do or is it worth putting it out its misery as I have been told it don't work, any advice greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance, gaz
  10. Gazmapp

    Fattening Up A Ferret

    Evening all, I have just taken a Jill off a so called friend who has not looked after her at all she is just skin and bones but is the most friendly of ferrets I know I picked her up and she just licked my finger and curled up in my side, it's heart breaking to see her so thin, how can I fatten her up a bit so she is same size as my others, also for the record I've put her in with mine and she loves it with the others
  11. Gazmapp

    Springer Spaniel Pup

    You got a pic there mate also where you based cheers
  12. Gazmapp

    I Have A Bag Full Of Purse Nets.

    If the price is right and in good nick I will have them off you, I'm just starting out so all help would be great ( before anyone mentions it iv been on this site ages and had my stinkers about 6 months but not worked them as yet hence that's why only just starting out ) cheers atb gaz
  13. Gazmapp

    Purse Nets Multiple Colours

    Where u based mate I might have some off you, and how do I pay? Good lookin nets them mate, this is my first season so always lookin out for a bargain
  14. Having a day out tomorrow to the country fair, just wondering if anybody has been there before and if its any good, also are the nets etc any cheaper than shop prices or are they all generally the same cheers atb gaz