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  1. I put my hob in after 6 weeks of him having snip and all is good.
  2. Hi I am just getting back to pigeon and was looking at tagging along with some 1 to show me a few tips. I have just put in 4 my shotgun license so at this time I don't have a gun. I am in the south Yorkshire area. Many thanks chris.
  3. Shot gun cabinet 3 gun if pos. In south Yorkshire . Thanks
  4. Were abouts are u bud don't tell me on phone. Thanks
  5. A up bud how much u looking 4 it. Thanks. I am in Barnsley.
  6. A up bud were abouts are u cos I am on phone and it don't tell me. Thanks
  7. Has any 1 been on sat? Is it any good cos my have a trip out. Thanks
  8. Were abouts are u bud. As I am on phone and don't tell me. Thanks
  9. Any 1 no of a vets in barnsley area that I can take my hob to have the snip. Many thanks
  10. Hi I am looking 4 a seedless hob. In the south yorks area if u can help me out can u pm me. Thanks
  11. I got out 4 a hour this morning with 2 young jills (8 month old) and bolted 5 well happy with them.
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