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    My friend uses a Hawk and for the money its awesome. I have a BSA essential 3x9 x50mm and it came with mount for £59 and I think its a great scope for the money. No fancy IR just does what it says and seems well made. I'm really happy with it.
  2. kenraw

    american gun tragedy

    I certainly hope not, our laws are really strict as it is. And besides the criminals don't abide by laws anyway!
  3. kenraw

    Buying your first air rifle

    Great post and I have a question that I could do with some help on. Im just getting back into air rifles and I'm looking at the BSA R10 mk2 VC. I would like it in a .177 for the flatter trajector but would utimatley prefer it in .22 but over 12ftlbs to give the .22 a flatter trajectory and more power for clean kills. I have a permission and was wondering how hard it is to aquire an FAC to use an air rifle over 12ftlbs or is the BSA R10 in .177 more than enough anyway. I still have my old BSA airsported must be 30years old but it never seemed that powerful. I know the new crop of PCP's are going to be miles ahead but does they 12ft lbs still limit their ability or not? Any advice would be much welcomed. Ken
  4. I was in bobs today talking to the big guy about 12ish, was shouldering a few guns and seeing what he had in. My dad purchased a shrouded version couple years back so will be able to get them in for you. He's can be abit slow with things tho Lewis Small world hey, Any advice as to whether I should get one in 1.77 or .22 I can't decide
  5. oh right thanks I didn't realise they came in different versions, to be honest I think I preferred the look of the silencer version. Plus the one in stock was a .22 and I think I may be better off with a 1.77 for accuracy for a newcomer (I also like the speed of the pellet hitting the target after you fire it, there's almost no delay )
  6. Hi Si great video, I am looking to buy an r10mk2 and found one in my local dealers today, but after leaving I realised that it didn't have the shroud and it had a silencer on the end. Did any come like this as standard or has it been modified? I,m new to air rifles so could do with some advice so I don't buy one that's not 100% new Thanks Ken