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  1. you cud get a mate to take you to a country lane in a car an you get in the boot with it left open an pace the dog behind the car for a fuw miles thats how my old man got a fuw dogs fit he had.....atb
  2. looks a nice little thing mate . dog or bitch?
  3. [BANNED TEXT] do you feed yours raw mate? heard a fuw say raw diet is good
  4. [NO TEXT TALK] got this breed? or any pics? my dad had a black and white bitch called bonnie about ten year ago very smart looking bitch she was tom reading is ma dad if [NO TEXT TALK] no him?
  5. this is my whippet/greyhound blaze you got any pics of yours me and my whippet x ?
  6. [BANNED TEXT] hight is he at the min country joe? and how old? looks nice
  7. hi [BANNED TEXT] breeds that pup steve? looks very nice
  8. hi mate i m in the same boat just starting my first pup. like you ive bin with my old man loads when i was a bit younger and also have a whippet/greyhound hes 13month old and im starting him nxt month.....7 and half month a bit soon in my opinion id wait till hes around 12 months . any pics of ya pup?
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