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  1. Any body lost two hounds sandside area of dumfries mates just seen two running around?
  2. See in the country mans weekly this week hes just brought out a 4th dvd.
  3. Connectors are crap! Heard a few lads saying they wire lamp straight to battery just wondering how they do this? Do u need to open battery and do it this way? If so anyone help on how u do this? Doing my fekin head in!!
  4. Any lads got any pics of powells sort of stamp of dogs his turn out like?
  5. Where abouts are u mate no a lad up my way hes got a big strong half x dog doing the job 100% day or night
  6. Know a few keeper lads that use them through day on hill and let dogs work infront of them but they dont use them for lampin.
  7. What you get dogs siezed for mate? And where abouts are u?
  8. Just been looking at darcys dogs and deer book and just wondered if [NO TEXT TALK] off hear witnessed any been taking pre ban?
  9. Like the look of that mate whats in its breeding?
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