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  1. Dnt suppose u near oxfordshire I know a bloke off another site black an tan rough coated lurcher only 3 was taken off a field whilst workin by a van called it in an drove off about 3 weeks ago
  2. who said this game was fair?? this debate mostly been how quickly and effeciently a whip can kill a fox, people sayin the quicker and cleaner the kill the better,,, so a 26tts bullx tht can do it single handed in seconds is fair then????????????? just as fair as 2 small whips i ent into throwing my dog into a fox that its equally matched against for erm sport or give the fox a 'fair' chance aainst my dog u an idiot?? hardly a fair fight what a donut
  3. why single handed matter? i gt colliexwhip an beddyxwhip neither gona be teeth dogs, but there all rounders, expected to complete the task if needed occationally, my dogs are a team tho dnt care if they need doublin, why dnt start another thread whippets takin fallow buck lol if it cant do it on its own its a potlicker lol
  4. she going to make perfect partner for my 1/4 collie 3/4 whip bitch, should make a gd team
  5. the beddy whip is mental takin everything single handed the collie is a working cattledog and ratter and rabbiter oxford area 1 dog left only 3 weeks old thurs cant get the pic of collie up
  6. just put my deposit dwn on a (second gen beddyxwhippet) x (cattle working collie) out of the collie so 1/4 whip 1/4 beddy 1/2 collie she a lil brindle rough coated bitch, should make a usefull member of the team , main job just gonna be bushin markin an bit of lampin :-) gt pick of litter pretty much think she going to be spesh brindle obv came from the whip, she the one standin out bang in middle
  7. what do you mean she gives up? when the hare goes into another field the dog just stops? how olds the dog? ye basically only if she is running on her own tho an she is only 7n half mnths as i said she has only had 10 slips in her life so still learning, and the fields we work have dykes so it nt just a case of through bush it throught bush 6ft jump through bush she just nt gt the confidence yet, only just found her drive last week lol an only reason she runin the big ones is thats all around at min literally loads could give her 30 slips a night but dnt want to spoil her with havin collie s
  8. ye definately thats what will be happening wnt be havin her passed around,, will want people to vouch for anyone interested!! and she nt been dew clawed no! she def seen teeth
  9. Wouldn't slip her on any hares at all yet mate. 7.5 months she's stll very much a puppy, wouldn't really be giving her many runs on rabbits either to be honest. Just get her out and about like you've been doing, but restrict the amount of rabs she runs, all to easy to ruin a young keen pup. There's no rush, and come september you'll still have a keen fresh dog that is able to take on a heavier workload. A T B last 5 slips have been sucesful tho 1 partridge 1 rab 3 longear was just going to give her 3 or 4 more and leave her till sept then i thought it would do her gd just gt her to the
  10. well im all moved in and settled nw boys know the land like back of my hand :-) if anyone up for coming over and having a mooch your more than welcome have alot of permission more than u can walk in a day holding alot of everything more longears then anything else but alot of bunnys 2, my pup is coming on icely nw takin day and night would just like to run her with some veterans :-) so if you want a ferret, lamp or just a general mooch an a chinwag then just give me a shout im oundle, peterborough, PE8
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