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  1. oxy acetylene welding training when an apprentice taught me never to mix oxygen and any grease or oil EVER!
  2. As a probationer at a local club and if successful in my FAC application later this year I will definitely be reloading my own as I think that it completes the circle and understanding of shooting and I have already looked at some of the links on this thread many thanks. I'm a machine tool fitter by trade and would never mix tolerances as in the .223 v 7.62 argument. The one of the things I have learnt from the broad knowledge in the club is only chamber a rifle with the calibre and round it is built for. Another question is if I have .223 rifle on my Certificate then surely I would not be
  3. I was convicted of criminal damage I was plinking with an air pistol at a streetlight this was 28 years ago and I have been done for speeding 3 points in 1997 and last year I received 3 points for due care I took my hands of the bars of my motorbike for half a second and an off duty officer reported me I pleaded guilty and did not contest the charge in any way.Will any of this cause me a problem when I apply later this year for my FAC? Sorry to to hijack the thread.
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