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  1. Hi im not sure if this is in the correct section so sorry if its not. A friend has dropped his FX typhoon and snapped the stock straight in half, just wondering if anybody has a one for sale or knows where to buy one? Many Thanks Owen
  2. Up for sale is my Marksman silencer. I bought it off "Marksman" on here in march and it has literally been used 3 or 4 times. Then the regulator in my SuperTEN decieded it would die so, ive sold the gun but been left with siencer. I want £60 for the silencer deliverd, it is still like brand new. Thanks Owen
  3. Well I've eventually got the marksman silencer fitted to my Superten, and I am very impressed. It is soooo quiet To anybody who wants to make there Superten very quiet then I suggest you get this silencer. A big thanks to ' Marksman ' on here for getting me it and such quick delivery. Thanks Owen
  4. Hi I've asked to buy one off marksman for a couple of weeks but he never seems to get back to me I've bought the adapter just waiting for the silencer Thanks Owen
  5. Hi, has any body got a spare chrono for sale. Can you use them on a pcp as eBay item number 230845009472 says they don't work with co2. Thanks
  6. After buying the iscope app and it was rubbish, I also bought the video zoom 2 app and it's 1000x better then the iscope one and it's the same price
  7. Made one tonight doesn't look pretty but it works. Downloaded the iscope app to zoom but the quality of the video on the app is sh*t
  8. I sent a message to 'Marksman' about paying for one, but he's not got back to me yet
  9. Hi, i want to buy a Marksman silencer for my BSA Superten but i live about 130 miles away from A&M custom gunsmiths, so my question is is anybody selling one or know who i can buy one from but it would need posting. Thanks Owen
  10. Hi, no it just for the regular lead acid battery. Thanks Owen
  11. Hi, Does anybody have a deben 12v battery charger they want to sell Thanks Owen
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