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  1. i love my .223 ive had 2 of them in the past few years, it gets more use than my .22rf at the moment. i mainly use mine as a long range bunny basher (150yard+) but with 55gr heads i can still take mj or cwd if one pops up (and they are in season). if your only looking to take the small deer then .223 is fine, if you do change your mind later and fancy the bigger stuff you will need a bigger caliber such as .243 (unless you go scotland) as for ammo cost, i think the last lot i brought was norma and that was about £21 for 20 but thats higher end ammo, you can get cheaper not sure ho
  2. depends if you gona home load or not, if your not then .223, 22-250 or 243 is probably a good choice due to the ammount of factory ammo out there, if your gona home load then chose anything you like.
  3. i think the home office states the probationary period is a minimum of 3 months before you can become a full member, sensible in my opinion, alows the club to get to know you as a person and as a shot. Once your a full member, your harder to get rid of.
  4. as short as possible then, mines 14in (well more like 17 with the mod) and its soo much easyer to move round the car than my 20in (22 with mod) .223.
  5. the heads i have are classed as a varmint round on the nosler website, although they show them only fragmenting at 3000fp/s which maybe the v-max fragment at a lower velocity. i mean im not complaining about them in terms of ive had no runners when shooting and they are accurate just not used to there being a whole rabbit to pick up rather than parts.
  6. I used to use v-max heads in my .223 at both 55gr and 40gr and i could be certain that each rabbit or fox there would be practicaly nothing left of it or a massive hole. i couldnt get v-max on my last visit so brought a bulk load of nosler's was told they were the same thing and did the same job, what a load of coblers, they are just as accurate as the v-max but i recon about 90% of the heads ive shot dont expand (about 50 so far) now is there a load issue here as to why they arn't expanding or are they just not as good? i did change powder between the vmax and noslers, i was useing H3
  7. in all honesty most of the makes out there are good, they wouldn't still be tradeing if they wernt. tell him to go for whatever tickles his fancy and feels right when he holds it.
  8. any updates on this scope? I'm interested in investing in one, as i need a new scope, and id like a rangefinder too so as a package it will be brilliant.
  9. seconded, and if you get the varmit version, it weights a ton. But it did shoot good and the mass of aftermarket bits for them is another bonus.
  10. wrong section dude, theres a for sale section further down the forum list.
  11. i have one in .223 soo much nicer to handle than my old remmy 700 was. although like someone said above, the forend dose flex a bit, ive not noticed it change in accuracy between standing and bipod though so cant be flexing too much.
  12. yeah its all changed over here it used to take ages to get anything done but im happy with that now taught i was going to have to wait a good while. ill collect in a week or two,, the longest i had to wait so far is about 3 weeks for a .17hmr but ill be happy with a .223 I got my variation in about 30mins, just made an appointment to see my FEO and it was done while i waited
  13. I seccond that, i have both a .22 and a .223 and the .223 gets most of the action when im out, but i would never get rid of my .22 especialy in the summer months when our horses are out grazing at night, .223 would scare the **** out of them but they just look at the .22 shot and then go back to eating. it all depends on the ranges your looking at shooting to and if you intend to step up to deer in the future. But ive heared they are very difficult in some places to get a centerfire on first ticket anyways, so i say get a .22 for a year, then step up to a centerfire if you feel the nee
  14. M-Pro 7 is a cleaning fluid for removing carbon, lead and copper its also non-toxic, biodegradable and non flamable. Its the dogs balls in my opinion, i have a fair bit of it now, i just break the mod up, place it in a bowl of M-Pro leave it for 30mins ish and then give it a quick scrub and a rinse. also use it for cleaning barrels, just soak a patch in it pass it through, then bronze brush the barrel, another couple of patches, and then some dry patches to make sure all the crud is removed. good thing about it is that you can filter all the crud out of it and re-use it
  15. add some pictures, might help you drum up some interest.
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