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  1. Favoritism favoritism favoritism ! The place is coverd wae worse .an fur yir info the same picks ur on another topic and not removed. An a dont dae shows ave no got show pony shite joost workers shows whit kind o clown you are . well seen you dont know me. And for those who didnt see it there was two separate picks put up one straight after workin last season and one of the same bitch fae last week no blood open wounds nothin yet it was removed also. FAVORITISM ! they shoot the same as every other c**t work for the dugs is work for the dugs disnae matter tae me who its fur.
  2. Point proven ! The owner never removed them you did. Ave said it before and will again favoritism its all about who you know. Youve been watched for a while ! aye oldnog most of them shoot aboot here !
  3. deano's TJ

    Borders Or Bedlingtons

    Id say borders only because i dont know anyone with working bedlingtons .
  4. Well no me ! I do terrier work for the police one of which happens to be a countryside officer i know excactly what i can get away with and what can be used against me !
  5. deano's TJ

    Iain Dixon Russells

    No need for any replys noo !
  6. No moanin speakin ma mind . An a widnae report anybody am nae grass. A was meerly pointin out those pics were mild in comparison to others yet they were removed within minutes i wouldnt post anything that could come bk n haunt mi later.
  7. Favouritism ! Theres alot worse been put up and not removed .theres plenty of pics on here that anyone wae half a clue can see theyve been used on illegal quary which is more likely to be used against genuine terriermen. And folk wonder why why ive been on so long with very little input.as i said favouritism depends who you are and who you know ! FACT .......
  8. A take it that comments was aimed at me paulus ?
  9. Who has some of iains stuff. From which sire dam ?
  10. deano's TJ

    When You Starting Back

    Dont start here till end of november - december dependin how cold it is. Getting snow is the only way ill start earlier .
  11. gon the Flute & ez brither Flynn

  12. deano's TJ

    Lets See Your Working Russells

    Four of mine .