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  1. mmm Temped with the laptop, Looking for 1 for my daughter as she has just started college.
  2. Top bloke, his club was around the corner from my house & his Nephew went to school with me in the early 's. seen him live a few times
  3. where are you based ?, what scope is on the rifle?.
  4. i had my 2 jills jabbed last year, i paid £7 each & they didnt come into season for the rest of the year
  5. Mainframe Analyst working 4 days on 4 days off & do a bit of HGV driving in between shifts(got my HGV many moons ago while in the army).
  6. the only way we might get it to change is vote BNP/UKIP
  7. the same has happened in the trucking game the last few years, wages have not really risen because of the poles & the like willing to drive for £6.00 an hour
  8. just like many have said before me it is the owners who breed & make a dog a bad one, the owners need stringing up for the actions of their dogs not just the dogs, any dog can cause damage or death.
  9. hope she is found safe & well mate
  10. Jasper hope your breeding goes well this year mate. Malcolm Allison I bought some telemetry from him last year.
  11. Cheers Turk.....I am so glad he has got onto feather now....there seems to be no bunnies out on my land this season. Was out today with Ash, he put in a good chase after crow but they went down wind into cover, He then went after magpies again but they flew into cover & Ash crashed into it & to my suprise a cock pheasent rose to about 20feet high & Ash came steaming out of the coppice hitting the pheasent from below dragging it to the ground....i ran like feck to get there as he was holding on to it....i just got there as the pheasent got loose & flew over the coppice leavi
  12. Was out with another lad & his male Harris but we took mine out to the forrest 1st as the winds were very strong in the open. Ash my male HH put in a few flights. He seen this magpie & it had a very good lead & he chased it threw the canopy & then dived down below it as it went for cover & nailed it from below Hope these pics work: http://img226.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ashonmagpie29mg.jpg http://img226.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ashonmagpie1dt.jpg
  13. Tony...i really dont know what to say...i am so sorry for u mate, as i know what a hard time with the bird you have had this year DAz
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