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  1. lakey

    Lurcher Dog

    Any pics or reasons for sale ?
  2. I have pm'd you thanks
  3. My lurcher pup and cocker dog were stolen today from Felbridge area near East grinstead, call me with any info thanks 07793016698
  4. Two dogs stolen this afternoon from my house, one liver coloured cocker bitch and one 8 month old light fawn brindle lurcher dog pup. Lurcher is fair bit bigger now but most recent pic I had. Felbridge area near gatwick/ East Grinstead. Please let me know if anyone here's anything. 07793016698
  5. lakey

    Terrier Boxes

    Are you still selling them?
  6. lakey

    two lurcher bitches for sale

    sent u a pm mate.
  7. lakey

    ESS Dog

    Hi everyone, i have for sale a ESS spaniel dog, i bought this off a friend of mine just after christmas as she was overstocked, i am a cocker man myself so not really my kind of dog, he was born on the 14/12/2010, she has done basic training with him sits and stays , recalls ans quartering, he will pick a dumby but yet to pick warm game, i have had him out in beating line twic with my dogs and he hunts nicley, hits cover well and uses his nose, but due to ending of season there is not much game about to really see what he is like, i have his paperwork and micro chippng and docking papers all here. He is a strong chested dog but a light rear end stamp of dog, lovely looking head and markings, nearly all white with liver bit on his rear end and thick white blaze down his nose, very alert and keen dog, can be exciteable but once sat up and quietened down he is fine. will add pics tomo, please feel free to contact me via message or phone 07793016698, I want what i paid for him and that is £700 Dog located near Gatwick, many thanks, MIKE.
  8. empty your inbox. have u still got it? [bANNED TEXT] area are you? i will give ya 200 for it posted??
  9. Just under two year old ess dog, trained to beating line standard, nice lean stamp of dog that hunts hard,tail docked , dew clawed and kennel club registerred, i live in sussex and want £500 for him. call on 07793016698.
  10. I have 2, 8week old, large dog line bred bullx pups and 1 bitch pup from same litter, dam well broven at 9 yr old and dog around 4/5 yr old, both taking all quarry, 100 a pup and i am in sussex, contact me if interested via pm. cheers.
  11. lakey

    honda quad (pics added)

    you say it hasn't been bashed about, so why is there a large dent in the sump plate???
  12. lakey

    FAO Turk

    yes mate i reckon she has, tits swollen and stomach is starting to show, she is 3/8 5/8 ths.