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  1. my first lurcher was a dh/ghxgsd very good rabbiting bitch loads of brains easy 2 train.. lacked speed good stamina not every bodies cup of tea but if she got between the rabbit and the hedge it was never getting away..
  2. the only time i let my dog jump is into the truck.. my brothers dh/gh broke its leg jumpin
  3. Your line has been going for 8 years most of the REAL DOG MEN AS YOU SAY have one dog for that length of time. if you cant understand my post i shallwrite it again in mong for u mate..
  4. maybe hes not fully on the lamp. hows he working the beam he maybe loosing sight of the rabbit
  5. you will know when the time is [bANNED TEXT]... what breeding is ur dog maate
  6. hes my brothers dog im not sure where he had him up the valleys some where huntsmanowz will know as he picked him up
  7. shes still young concentrare on training retrieve recall stock breaking etc best of luck
  8. :boxing: thats fighting talk
  9. i have only seen 1 pure greyhound on the lamp ex track stoped chasing the lure.. he was to fast for his own good on the small stuff but they have no fear was great on the bigger stuff.. he did pick a phew bunnies up, but he made hard work of it
  10. your bitch is 2 year old had 1 season under her belt and your allready tryin spit f*****g pups out of her
  11. all depends how much bull in the mix mate.. i have seen bullx bring rabbits live back to hand as good as any other dog..
  12. if you do get the bitch post some pics for us to have a better look at her
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