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  1. nice mornin for a trek with the dog

  2. if youre happy with the dog youve got then why care about what anyone elses dog does
  3. was out doing a bit of bolting for the dog today and the very first rabbit i bolted was around 2-3 weeks old only a little bunny got no more than 5 yards and the dog got it lucky the dogs soft mouthed so took the rabbit off her still live waited till the ferret came out and put the wee bunny back for next season...would only be ruining my own sport killing the wee thing was surprised to see the bunny this early in the year
  4. personally if its not a dodgey fence if the dog aint jumpin it sheel need to find some other way over it/round it or under it cause a dont lift her unless theres a big risk of a serious injury
  5. if its a risky fence maybe double barbed wire or a fence at the top of a steep hill a wouldnt chance an injury
  6. just curious to see if alot of people own a dog that wont jump, mines jumps perfectly fine obviously slips up now and then but just curious to see how many people lift ther dogs over fences and such i would never want to own a dog that pulls up at a fences?
  7. going a little off track here but i dont like the idea of lads killing hares and leaving them in the field if youre gonna kill it at least take it home and if you dont want to eat it im sure the dog would be more than happy
  8. can anyone tell me how you resize a photo in order to upload onto the site ??
  9. think the weathers hit most people hard, cracking pics there mate
  10. think from now on im goin to start tryin new ground further away, in hope that it goes my way
  11. same as me mate you be lucky to get more than 5 runs and thats me travelling between 5-10 miles on foot
  12. just wondering how everyones seasons been going so far, as for mine its been pretty crap
  13. ah its okay mate managed to pick one up today, cheers anyway
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