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  1. Put pic of the bitch up which was taken today or couple days ago
  2. Lurcher-sire- saluki x whippet Dam-beddy whippet Terrier Lakeland border patterdale (just a mix of working terriers) The lurcher is 11 month old The terrier is 18 month old
  3. Sire:saluki x whippet Dam:bedlington x whippet
  4. U see its getting the sent of the children and then it will be off so fast all u see is a blur because it is so fit from all the hares it catches oh and don't forget it's kinda brindle
  5. There was a man in I think 2011 who had a dog with this breeding and he said he was gonna worki anyone know if he did haha
  6. Saluki whippet x beddy whippet 10 month old
  7. 1/4 beddy whip/grey or 1/4 beddy 3/4 grey give more speed and height (if u need it)
  8. I think Siberian husky x would be better much lighter and leggier and more speed
  9. The question was why would a pure mal be better than a lurcher at ferreting a lamping
  10. And fore someone has a go I am not saying people are wrong for using these breeds I'm asking why would this breed be better than a lurcher
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