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  1. German Wirehaired Pointer View Advert Litter of 12 GWP, 7 dogs & 5 bitches, docked & dew claws removed, both parents are available for viewing. Based in Astley, Manchester M29 area. Some solid liver & roan coloured Advertiser knight27 Date 19/05/22 Price £950.00 Category Working Dogs and Livestock  

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    Litter of 12 GWP, 7 dogs & 5 bitches, docked & dew claws removed, both parents are available for viewing. Based in Astley, Manchester M29 area. Some solid liver & roan coloured


  3. http://m1260.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/bradley271/image-3.jpg.html?o=0&newest=1
  4. A fox should not be able to kill ' a decent terrier' whether or not yours is of a 'decent standard' or not is another question, but best of not let it off the lead as you have already said is head strong and could lead you into a spot of bother which you would have no idea to get out of. My advice keep it on a lead if you want to keep your pet.
  5. Cheers for the site will look it up, I'm in Maidstone kent at the moment I need to hurry up and go now, I'm from Manchester so not usually up near Yorkshire but will let you know if I'm ever up that way cheers
  6. http://m1260.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/bradley271/image.jpg.html?o=0&newest=1 The Russell dog 2yr old
  7. Yes but hasn't this forum got people from other countries on here or is it just me mistaken? Erik is currently living in Germany and I have been speaking to him, why would it make sense for an anti to ask about something which is legal where the activity will be taking place? Seriously some people are far to quick to point the finger!
  8. Calling the people you work alongside "filth" doesn't say much for your character, does it ?Your question is typical of one asked to get answers from fools. It's working too. Firstly I don't work alongside them, I just did a few week of work which happened to be at the same place whilst working on the olympics, and who are you to judge my character? And if I was trying to get information from people why would I ask about it in a country where it is legal? No one has posted any stupid comments about stuff some people may do, maybe your just a bit paranoid and no one should have to worry
  9. How do people think they will adapt? And if you think I will run into any problems upon returning to the uk?
  10. Nope as long as everything is upto date
  11. Sorted the passport as long as they are up to date on their jabs, had a rabies vaccination and need to be fleas and wormed by a vet within 48 hrs before entering the country and then it's just taking them over in my car on the ferry and driving over.
  12. Not really though are they? It's not as if I would be digging badgers in the uk, they can't nick you for something that you do in another country where it's legal, plus am working alongside the filth at the moment as I'm military and been asking there opinions on it and already given the green light that nothing can come off it
  13. Just wondering how much damage a mixer could take from a badger and don't want to loose my only 2 dogs whilst in Germany for a few year and be left with nothing whilst there
  14. How do you think our terriers will get on with badger as they are only used for fox, the reason I ask is because I'm moving to Germany and considering working them to badger, my dog is 3/4 Russell 1/4bull and a bit of a mixer only 2 yr old my bitch is 1 yr old and not seen anything proper yet 3/4 Russell 1/4 lakie is it a good idea or not as I will be moving back to the uk in 2015?
  15. Won't be taking any guns I looked it up and and apperently have to be a guest hunter for a year before having to apply for a license so need to find a new freind quickly and you have to pay for permission up to £100 an acre ??? Probably be better off getting a new weapon over, how do you think our terriers will adapt to badger? And do you think it's a good idea as I will be back in the uk in a couple of year, and the dogs will be after badger?
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