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  1. It was a good article especially for beginners. hope they make it a weekly feature it's been a long time coming
  2. Nice one shame no pics though but atleast you got out
  3. I borrowed a jack russel it seems to have helped she was more interested in him keeping up with him
  4. I was trying not to pull it on the lead incase it made it hate been on the lead? I'm off two weeks so I will just keep at it and try and make it more exciting. More than anything I'm a bit gutted as I love walking I thought we'd be out all the time
  5. A whippet called Arthur I was 20 he lived till 12 broke me heart and still miss him, he just seemed to know what I wanted and was thinking, took 2 years to get my new pup
  6. I never really thought it was confidence issue she's so cock sure for a whippet it's unreal people dogs everything doesn't seam to faze her when she does walk the right way she's great on the leader but thinking about it, it probably is scared as she just stops and pulls like mad to go back home so I just keep at it then slowly ? Or go to the pub even though it's a canny walk
  7. Any one had a problem with a pup not wanting to go for walks? She loves the garden and the weather doesn't bother her including rain but as soon as we get 100 yards from the house she's pulling to go back home. She's 15 weeks old any tips or ideas cheers Andy
  8. Cracking looking dog iworkwhippets there tougher than they look!! It's tough waiting but for the sake of six months compared to a life time of good graft it's worth it
  9. Lovely looking pup. Love whippets
  10. Cheers everyone. Only thing with whippets in some point in there line something gets added to add a bit size but I'm pretty sure she's 100% whippet but will know better when she grows a bit. She is solid though. My old pup never saw a rabbit till 1 1/2 and he was totally trained, no point ruining them by entering early
  11. Can't wait shes a little rocket and spins on the spot. Got to Get the training spot on first and broke to the ferrets first though
  12. It has sooty Sam and Strike while irons hot and a few other champion dogs in its pedigree. I never got it kc registered but the breeder showed me the papers for male and bitch, he owns both.
  13. couple of pics of my new whippet pup same lines as my old boy who we lost 3 years ago. It's taken us this long to decide the time was right for a new one, as soon as she came up for sale we had to get her. She's 14 weeks Cheers for looking andy
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