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  1. davidc

    dave slight whippets

    I got 1 the same age as ur's of dave she's a very strong little bitch and very high prey driven which can make her abit ignorant but all in all she's a good little bitch hopin to do a lot this season
  2. davidc


    That's quite cheap thanks
  3. davidc


    Sorry must of not worded it right I want it for my pup incase something happens to her, it was my old dog who has hurt her self it was goin to be her last season so a bit annoyed
  4. Hi all I was wondering if [NO TEXT TALK] knows of any cheap insurers? As I've just back from the vets finding out 1 of my dogs has to hav 1 of her legs amputated as I can't afford 2 grand to have it plated! So want insurance for my puppy. Thanks
  5. davidc

    Whippet beardie

    Does any 1 have or had a first cross if so wat were they like on rabbit?
  6. davidc

    Whippet beardie

    Sorry wrong section
  7. davidc

    Whippet beardie

    I was just wondering if [NO TEXT TALK] has or had this as a fist cross and how it worked?
  8. davidc

    cut pad

    Just keep it clean the vets can't do nothing other than clean it and bandage. Last year my dog took all her front pads of in that hot weather we had and they heeled fine
  9. davidc

    Dave Sleight whippet

    I got 1 of him a couple months ago now a blue bitch can't tell much about her as she's only 4 months old but she's a fast learner and seems a good little dog
  10. davidc


    oh is it thats nice to no do u mainly lamp with it or ferret also do prone to injurys
  11. davidc


    i've recently purchased a whippet for cousing rabbits and was just wondering how many of u use them for work and arethey were tougher than what some people say they are? also if [NO TEXT TALK] has some pics would like to see some if possibe thanks?
  12. davidc


    i got the blue and white bitch out of that litter