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  1. Hi all , after longers7 kindly sorted me catapult, I decided to try making em myself and got wel into it , the two tone hawthorn was my first then done another hawthorn (front) of trio pic , a oak to the right , and a hazel at the back then a couple more got made ,let me no what ya think lads , and let me no if photos are viewable http://i304.photobucket.com/albums/nn199/ nightstalkerpro/20140508_234713.jpg
  2. Just a quick thanks to longers for sorting me a nice catapult, got it too me quick as ya like, shoots lovely , cheers mate, its inspired me to make my own naturals which ive done , ill stick some pics up when loaded to photo b Once again nice one longers , appreciated
  3. Sorry for image missing thought it was up
  4. Hi all , just a bit of advice on treatment for this wound, happened this morning having a mooch , think barbwire was culprit, on pursuit of rabbit, bathed in saltwater and keeping clean , would you suggest anything different for it , I:e stitches etc , its purely skin removed , all comments would be appreciated
  5. Two kits left albino hob & jill , must go together , worker to worker mating flesh fed early, now on jwb complete, great kits , dont want nout for em just a good home message me if any one interested im just 5 miles from gatwick airport many thanks richard
  6. Hi all , put a good hob to a nice jill to carry em on as have been great workers, and want to hold couple back,nice litter of kits born last tues 14th have left the jill to em , havent checked as of yet, just a question for you all ,when will the kits require meat as appose to her milk , im planning on 3 weeks from birth, would you agree ,or earlier , many thanks
  7. Think you be expecting to much too soon , still very young ,
  8. Cheers , just a few people saying that she be to old ,being shes not had a litter before, etc etc , obviously any whelping could have complications, but you would say that 6 is a acceptable age? Is this something you have done ..ie bred dogs of that age , with good results, cheers for the replys .richard
  9. Hello everyone, havent posted for a while, quick question for you all , would a healthy 6yr old lurcher be too old to breed to avoid complications or is that age perfectly acceptable , many thanks richard
  10. Hi all, i have a bedy x whippet lurcher who has done very well for me,now occasionally ill join a good friend on digs with his jrt's and enjoy the graft,what id like to know is if anyone on here did or does keep /work strait bedlington terriers(working) ,would love to hear peoples views on the breed, storys of digs /bags,pictures there drive which in my lurcher is immense,just like to hear about them without whippet in the mix many thnks rich
  11. shes not spayed, she goes to a relative when in season cheers
  12. yea i guess it wasnt a proper fight and yes was over in seconds because i stopped it. my concern was if i wasnt there would it of been alot worse,they have always played with him submitting to her leting her chase and pin him,they are both entire,she comes in once a year, generally after the first week shel go to a sisters till over,if there is one thing i can think may of triggerd it was a couple biscuits in a bowl near were they were when fight(argument) happend but my back was turned i couldent tell if one was eating or simillar,strange as they always swapabout bowls once finished and al
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