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  1. i've got a 3 year old staff bitch that pisses and shits in her bed, dirty little c***t, i change her bedding everday, tried all types of bedding and tried without bedding, she's been to the vets for blood tests to see if there's a problem, all clear, maybe she's just an ungratefull c***t, talk about do your f*****g head in
  2. i have 3 books for sale; the world of the apbt and the book of the apbt by richard stratton, also canine gladiators by ed reid, i know these books are fetching good money, so i am open to sensible offers, by pm please, based in essex, and postage is possible
  3. cheers [bANNED TEXT] heres her brother outta the last litter heres the bitch over the field that red dog is an absolute cracker, if he's anything to go by, the pups should turn out little beauty's
  4. good luck with the sale of the pups nasher, i'm sure the breeding speaks for itself, they wont be a dissapointment atb sylus
  5. i have 2 american bulls, althought they are getting on in years, they have excelled for there size in working the fields, they have flushed and took hare , rabbit, pheasant and any thing else they could flush out, and took it in a good fashion, although they have never been worked on pigs
  6. i attended the show saturday and sunday, met up with the aces crew, all in all it was a good event ,definatly worth the visit,
  7. fully agree with you there gnasher16, have had dealings with uk clone, the man is a great guy and deffinatly knows his stuff on insemination, my last visit was overwhelming with his knowledge, and will be visiting him again soon
  8. i am with great regrets to put this 7 month staff up for sale, lives outside, does not whinge or bark, he is a happy lively boy, for sale due to new work commitments, reasonable offers invited by pm , essex , pics via e-mail
  9. strong stuff would be your man for that
  10. cheers for the dvd's staffman, they are spot on
  11. hi there; there is a pic of this bulldog in the bullbreeds section
  12. american bulldog bitch for sale; she is 18 months old, white in colour 22/23 inch, 70+lb, good natured, parents are very athletic bulldogs and can be seen, good home required, pics via e-mail only, serious enquiries only, pm for details
  13. i would like to add that i had inca for 6/7 weeks and when i picked him up he was full of worms and not in the best of condition, WHEN I GOT HIM HOME HE WAS SCRUBBED AND WORMED OUT as he was full to the brink of worms, after the course of worming he was clear but this took a week to clear him out, i spent a lot of time with him, but sometimes things dont go according to plan, i do take offence with some peoples remarks and who's to say i am not a decent dog owner, and i would suppose everyone that posts on here, there dogs must be in a1 condition, awaiting your harsh reply's
  14. Dog is here safe and sound .........what a cracking lad he is Your PM box is full, give me a shout when you are good and ready wilf; i cant thank you enough, maybe one day i can return the favour alll the best gary
  15. due to unforseen circumstances i have to home some of my dogs, firstly i will have to part with inca, it is a shame but i didnt see this coming, if there is someone that could home him please pm
  16. lurcherbitch; can you contact me please
  17. hello there; as some of you might of read my; post sal/grey inca, as i have said he is my first running dog; after 5 weeks he has settled in quite well(thats what i thought) i tried him in the kennels but he just whinged and whined, sung and sung, due to to my neighbours torrid dislike to me and my dogs, after 2 hours in the kennel it was time to bring him in, he now lives in with my 11 year old staff who is very calm untill p,d off , things were good untill inca has started his dominance, he tries to dominate my staffords and am bulls to which they have suffered him as a pup, but this will
  18. 10 month old staff, male red and white in colour, lives in or out, good temperament, well bred with paperwork any enquiries please pm
  19. 10 month old staff male, red with white markings, good ped, lives in or out , very calm natured
  20. hi there; i've had dogs for 23 years, at 17 i bought a springer/ lab and boy i used to have great fun mooching with him for hours, at 21 i got my first staff and from then on i was hooked on these bull breeds owning a rescue eng bull, and still now i own staffords and am bulls ; four weeks ago i got my first running dog inca who is a sal/grey and am looking forward to putting the time in with him and hoping he works for me , i'm 40 and still affixed with dogs as i ever have been thanks for reading
  21. hi there, inca my sal/grey can be the noisest this is not what i'm used to; having bullbreeds for years, a squirt of water soon shut them up but inca is a different story
  22. aka brindle; spot on mate, well said
  23. He started off by saying he was selling it because he had got an older one that was already working, This 'changes in personal circumstances' has been added on at a later date. I am more than willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt . What personal circumstances means he has to get rid of a sapling in favour of a dog that has started working? Maybe his missus didn't like its colour ? give the guy a break? why ? how many times has the dog been up for sale, the dog is just what i was looking for but now have got something, previous post by me was will he be up for s
  24. this is a reluctant sale due to personal circumstances this is a reluctant sale due to personal circumstances i have also got a fox trap for sale as new bait hook type i will get some pics up shortly maccy; i pm'd you about the dog several weeks ago and you did'nt have the decency to pm back, i would have had the dog
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