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  1. hahaha i use to put all my money in the back off my ps2 i had £300 in there at one point spent it on hunting gear
  2. haha, i said to my mam give her some of her own food she was like no, i wouldnt give you food if you were ill i said no wonder shes having the shits she hasnt had any off her own food. so she puts some in her bowl dog goes over and has a sniff sits down next to it my mam takes it away and says shes not intressed then she told my dad to cook her another egg i was like f*****g hell shes had 3. parents are so thick.im no expert but 3 eggs in one day for a dog wont make her any better.
  3. my sister took her chinese upstairs lastnight and she f*****g left at the top off the stairs the dog ate abit off it but before i could get to her to stop her eating it she swallowed it. the f*****g dogs ill now with the shits and dehydration. daft b***h has made my dog ill. it really pisses me off. now i cant take my dog out tommorow cos shes ill and my sister doesn't get any sh*t good i hate people who don't give a sh*t. just hope shes alright in the morning.
  4. aha just found £25 in my combats haha love it when that happens
  5. I hate having food poisoning i had a dodgy Chinese about 5 hours ago. I feel like sh*t and can't sleep. I've heard quite a few people have had it. its Great when you have to F***ing get up at 8am.
  6. i train her for about 10mins each day but spread out through the day and shes great just do little things each day and she will learn very quickly
  7. thank you she a smashing dog retrives and is great all round dog atb with yours
  8. that dog looks the spitting image of mine mate
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