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  1. Bullx wanted contact lee on 07923811923
  2. were are you theres a bone man in woodlands
  3. do u no anyone in south empsul there a bloke call john got a proper dog one wants 300 for it he payed 600 i ant got a numba fo him but every one nose him over there
  4. has anyone got numba of bone man in leigh cheers
  5. [NO TEXT TALK] got numba fo bone man in leigh cheers
  6. think iv seen a pick ov this dog [bANNED TEXT] x was it pal my kind ov stamp every smart
  7. any 1 got any sj off road bits for sale or free to a good home cont lee 07592210509 cheers
  8. whippets for my son who is only 6 u sm-ck head
  9. i sold it at 9 week old to a lad in wales went up there on thursday to buy a dog off mi pal an ended up bringin that bk aswell lad want lookin after it at all c--t just to be clear it want mi pal who want looking after it it wo 1 of his mates
  10. bullgrey x beddygrey 10mth old dog had a few rabbits broken coat call lee 07592210509 dog now gone
  11. working whippet wanted for my son dog or bitch call lee on 07592210509
  12. bsa r10 mk2 22 come with scope 2 mags strap 300bar tank like new first 650 will buy it cont lee on 07592210509
  13. do you want 2 re home your dog sent 2 pm,s
  14. rapid 7 mk1 in 22cal this comes with standed barrle plus a 24in long barrel its bin fitted with a quick fill an regulator 2 extra buddy bottles 1 ov witch iv had custom made so u can refill the gun in the feild also just had 300 pound custom thumb hole stock hamk sidewinder 30s bipod 3 7 shot mags 2 12 shot mags 2 divers tanks 1 with all gauges scop mounted lamp not a cheap 1 lost ov tins ov pellets brand new silencer and 5 others gun rest and a sling if iv forgot any thing al add it tommora £950 ono cont lee 07592210509 p.s can send picks tommora
  15. hi you stil got rapid for sale am in doncaster cheers lee
  16. if u txt or pm me ur numba il send u some
  17. subaru justy 1.2i k reg 2an4 wheel drive txt exellent runner £400 ono cont lee 07592210509
  18. subaru justy 1.2i k reg 2 an 4 wheel drive 3 door mot oct 1 mouth tax exellent runer £400 ono cont lee 07592210509
  19. 4 bitches an 3 dogs some really smart looking rough coated £100 pal
  20. xxxl barbour coat cont lee on 07592210509
  21. bullrussel if [NO TEXT TALK] can help
  22. bullgrey x bedlingtongrey 8 ready now wormed to date rough an smooth coats dam 24tts bullgrey sir 26tts bedlingtongrey both single handed both excellent workers day an nite.£150 each contact lee on 07592210509
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