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  1. 19 minutes ago, terryd said:

    Nearly every week fieldsports are losing ground this has just come one FB from Scottish basc. Just relentless and few more years there will be nothing

    BREAKING: Scottish Government considers ban on snares.
    ⚠ An exchange in the Scottish Parliament today has suggested that the Scottish Government's imminent review of snaring will give consideration to a statutory ban.

    The Greens are in bed with the SNP and this is where it’s come from. It’ll be one of the conditions made before they joined up with them I’ll bet. You scratch my back type of thing. They’ll repay the SNP when they need support to get something through. It stinks but unless we get off our arses and do something, it’ll only go one way. The country is f****d, full of bedwetters and snowflakes. In the future people will be living in a virtual reality world and eating plants. It’ll look like a planet of the apes film

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  2. 24 minutes ago, Greyman said:

    Give it a few years and I expect we,ll get a gay disabled Muslim monarch,👍

    Won’t be long but I’ll be gone by then. The backbone of this country has been gone for years and those with any are at an age where they are  minority. 

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  3. Doesn’t affect me but this will be more common now. Every fecker is angry, everyone’s got a gripe, be it brexit, covid, trans what’s it, blm, anti this or that, gas prices, illegals, green and climate, it’s endless!  

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  4. Just a heads up to let members know that lots of Old Country programs featuring Jack Hargreaves are now available on YouTube. There’s some really interesting stuff in them 👍🏻

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  5. 12 hours ago, jackthelad said:

    buying a pair on saturday either the glockners or dovre 2 my mates got the dovre one with no bother other boys are letting in after not much use

    It’s a minefield sometimes. I know lads who wear the Dovre and they’re very happy with them. The Glockners look a better boot than the burmas so I’ll be getting those when I get somewhere to try them 

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  6. The only mink I like to see are dead ones. They decimate the wildlife in rivers, on the river banks and in the countryside. Go the polecat/ferret cross way if you insist on this kind of project, great rabbiters and ratters, wick and tough little feckers. I know a guy who has this cross mustelid and has kept them years. Not for the faint hearted though. 

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