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  1. 9 minutes ago, BenBhoy said:

    How did u rate the scope?

    My mates IR seems too powerful for it in IMO. Gets plenty of white out. Took me a while to suss out where the fox was. Might just need the position altering, but the scope itself performs well 👍🏻 Once I’d focused it, picture was good 

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  2. Dropped a nice looking vixen last night with the 22.250, 182 yards out on the edge of a reed bed. Earlier, I’m sure we dropped the first Charlie of the night but with it being a good distance and access to it through several frozen up locked gates, I’m out today looking for it. Too cold for brass monkeys on the moor last night 🥶🦊


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  3. Following on from my recent thread about using a rimmy for shooting rats, I went up to the farm tonight and got started. I shot 12, maybe one or two more but they bobbed down the hole with a headache. Just about to call it a night when I scanned around with the spotter and watched this fella making his way up to me. He got to within 25 yards. I flicked on the red light and smacked him straight in the napper. Lights out, he knew nowt about it. A fine fox in great condition. He’s heading to the taxidermist in the morning 👍🏻


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  4. I’ve done grave finding in the past, once with a well known field sport author and the other with Brait Wilson, former whip and huntsman of the ullswater FH. They weren’t so difficult. I just tracked down to where their final abode was and searched locally, through registrars and graveyards. Most will have a list of who’s buried where. If the graveyard was small I searched it myself.  It’s a great thrill to finally find something like that, good luck in your search 👍🏻

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