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  1. Late sixties, we all nested, had catapults, built dens, ratted along the river, dug out wasp or bee nests for grubs to go fishing, out from first light ‘til dark. I could go on, there was never a better time to be a kid 👍🏻

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  2. I noticed a few rats with the thermal, running round the chicken pen last Tuesday night as I waited for a fox to show. Anyway, popped on last night for an hour with the rimmy and managed 16. Picked ten this morning with six disappearing over night to either an owl, farm cats or other rats. 


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  3. 5 hours ago, StueyD said:

    That's a decent number that, good effort chap. 

    Have you bought a pole or have you diy'd one. 


    Always wondered if you could get screw ends to put on pole from somewhere and make your own. 

    Lofting poles with a bit of DIY added. Also had a hook welded on the end to drag the dreys out 👍🏻

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  4. Not been but it’s a place I’ll visit when I retire. I’ve a mate who farms on there and I keep getting invites. You must visit the Highland Park distillery 🥃

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  5. I have one. It has a screen in the back for viewing any footage. A lad I know has one that pings a text when it’s tripped. He’s turned up many times after getting a text to shoot a fox

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  6. 1 hour ago, DIDO.1 said:

    I'll be honest, when you described it as amazing I expected more 🤣

    Close up it is. I think the artist used a fine single bristle on most of it 👍🏻

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  7. I’m 65 and still working. Could have taken my pension but I enjoy my job. I’ve been asked when I’m due to retire in a years time to stay on. When I think about it, I’ll have worked 50 years. That’s long enough isn’t it? There’s a guy working with me who’s 70. I can still get about on a fell after hounds 👍🏻

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