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  1. 15 minutes ago, Arry said:

    Can't believe can you how things have changed we used to roam the streets, fields and quarries in gangs with air guns when we was kids.

    All becoming a nonsense.

    Cheers Arry

    Bought an airgun with my first wage at 16. Walked through the town to the canal with the gun over my shoulder to try. Then got on the bus to my girlfriends, no one batted an eyelid then walked home with it later 👍🏻

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  2. Here’s one from last year. They loose all sense of caution once the Cubs are on their feet, or at least this pair did. The farmer took this photo of a fox stalking a lamb. I picked up both the parents and the two Cubs later that month. Not had a call from this place yet…


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  3. 53 minutes ago, tatsblisters said:

    Makes me laugh at work when i hear some folk saying why don't you pay into Bupa or Westfield or go and see and pay for a physio to help with my sciatica when i see how much national insurance contributions i pay i think why should i when their's fekers mainly from foreign countries getting treatment from the NHS  who have never paid a penny into it.

    That what makes my piss boil. I’ve paid in for nigh on fifth years and luckily I’ve been pretty fortunate not to need anything major, only through looking after myself later on I might add. When the time comes for getting treatment I’ll be at the back of the queue regardless of how much I’ve paid and how often I’ve needed the NHS. That’s not right in anyones way of thinking 😡

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  4. I bought a copy the other week and thought it was an ok read. Maybe the articles that particular week appealed to me more but I enjoyed the read. The new format was overdue and there’re a few decent writers chipping in. 

  5. I keep my appointments up, have done for years. My teeth are ok, at least I can enjoy a steak or an apple 😄 I look forward to going because I know it’s a good thing to keep up. 

  6. Dropped on a spot we do every year this morning early doors. Drey poking is almost as good as ferreting or ratting. Managed seven compared with 38 in two visits last year. Definitely noticed an increase in the birds last summer so we’ve made a difference. Due for a final check on Friday but it was a lot quieter this morning 👍🏻


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  7. Does anybody know where I might get another micro card similar to the one below, that has calls on it? The one I have is playing up and the caller itself was expensive. Be a shame to bin it. I’ve tried contacting MM Sporting who used to sell the mini mag callers but they never got back to me. They said it was the card and they’d look for a spare for me. Or can anyone copy calls onto a card for me? Cheers




  8. I don’t collect but I have an old gin trap somewhere going rusty. Fascinated by the different traps that are or were used. When I visited Canada a few years ago, there were a couple of shops near to us that sold old traps, all kinds, beaver, muskrat, mouse rat etc. Wished I’d brought some home with me

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