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  1. They should have left her at Balmoral, she loved the place. Seeing her being driven through the city of London with all the whooping and whistling, compared to how the Scots handled it I thought was disrespectful. The Scots did her proud and handled everything brilliantly. 

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  2. Just checked mine, 112/65. Don’t know if that’s ok that but I try and keep fit and eat decent grub. No salt or sugar. Had a lung assessment last week being an ex-smoker and told I was fine 🤞🏻

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  3. Dropped onto a place I do fox control on last night. We went to a spot where we had three cubs and a vixen earlier this summer. These were 150yds apart and the second shot, the adult dog, never flinched after the cub was shot first. 160 and 165 yds with the 22.250. Spotted another at dusk as we arrived so I’ll call for that this week 👍🏻


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  4. 43 minutes ago, Nicepix said:

    Strange thing is that we all seem to think that there aren't enough whites on tv but the black actors association claim that they aren't getting enough gigs. 🤔

    It’s the sudden change in personnel in adverts, presenting etc that pisses me off, under pressure from BLM no doubt 

  5. Used to knock on asking if we could walk their dogs, then take them ratting along the rat infested river, where floating turds were a common sight. Returned them later wet through and stinking but the dogs were happy. One mongrel, Kim, used to swim over and do the opposite bank on his own. Good ratter and cat killer 

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  6. 10 hours ago, Bush Rummager said:

    Are the butts not there anymore mate on the north side of Kinder?? I remember some there years ago but they seem to have been gone for a good while now unless I've been missing them??

    I think you’re right, not noticed them myself. 

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  7. Olivia Newton John passed away peacefully this morning. Never really liked her early stuff but late seventies she came onto her own with some decent pop songs RIP bonny girl. 
    Also for those of a certain age, Judith Durham also passed away at weekend, her of The Seekers fame. Great singer, had some big hits in the sixties RIP 

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