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  1. dont suppose you got any of that fishins stuff left have ya ?
  2. oh yeah i forgot to say im looking for a wholesaler, but any amount will do
  3. does any one know of a good supplier of green surgical tubing for my catapult ? it would be a great help as i have been buying it in 2 foot lengths. pm me or leave a message atb
  4. my boy thinks i might smile with a drink f**k that ima wait a while an put a 9 to my link !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. rob190364


      no, his childhood obsession with bronski beat made him that way!

    2. GrCh
    3. stewie
  5. lampin then super noodles an a lemon zute bangin................

  6. if i died would the man dem miss me ? would they ride ? and talk about me when they tipsy

  7. i had a good ferret once

    1. paulus


      i had a veruca once...lol

  8. ammie reminds me of the good old days.....

  9. has just ordered a veterinary skin stapler from arther carter ldt :)

    1. paulus


      that well known medical equipment supplier lol

    2. thee undertaker

      thee undertaker

      i sell them , £13 posted 1st class recorded and singhed for . . . .

  10. any 1 got a flat bed lorry that can carry 3 ana half tonn ? let me know

  11. lamping lets see if me and the dogs can smash a few bunnies.....

  12. its five past twelve im bored out my nutt off for a bit of lamping with my 2 bull x's atb josh..
  13. bored bored bored bored......

    1. tomano1


      Well do some thing about it mate .?

  14. what are you going on about ? In your avatar tb is queer like that oh lol na its the draw string to my bottems
  15. what are you going on about ? In your avatar tb is queer like that oh lol na its the draw string to my bottems
  16. and they were saying that dog in the garden had never been walked befor because it didnt want to go with them, no dog in there mind would go with them without putting up a strugle the way they come in with there poxy choke stick, job's orth cu*t's....
  17. if them cu*t's came in mine and started chokeing one of my dogs like that i would be serveing a long time in jail. who the fu*k do they think they are ?
  18. where the hell is budrow jackson ?????????

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