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  1. What distance do you find best to zero at ?,as targets can vary a lot in distance. I completely missed a rabbit today first shot,and killed it instantly with the second,aimed 2 mildots over its head. It was at least 50 yards away in fairly long grass BSA Ultra .22
  2. Hello there Did you go with night scout ? Yes,off their e bay shop
  3. I've been looking for a few weeks for a torch and couldn't decide on which to get. After reading this thread I've just ordered a T20 red and a cree T6 I was in the gun shop today and they said everything under £ was crap!!
  4. Loves bunnies Hates foxes 25 tts 50lbs just turned 3 this week
  5. Anyone with an experienced dog wiling to go rabbiting in east cleveland area with my 13 month pup,he chases ok,but dosent look like he wants to get hold of them. He's quick and has a great nose just needs showing the ropes. Picture taken when he was 10 months.
  6. no rabbits yet,he tries to stalk them.I'm patient like.
  7. He's only 10 months on this pic
  8. Is that dog tweedle dum x greyhound?its the double of mine except mines black n white
  9. No it wasnt injured,it was a bit timid when i got it,as you can probably tell from the pic.
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