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  1. Vin start your young ones they will come good if the breeding a in them old ferrets are ok but young ferrets soon pick up the game give them a chance they always mess about but if there any good will be working like your old Jill's in no time at all
  2. I had Wheaton. Cross the best fox killer I ever had ,still doing it at 15years of age and speed to burn why other people say there slow must be cross ed with a slow greyhound mother of mine was an open class bitch which I raced around the country.that is what we should cross with not some old slow track dog that can't make the grade that's how we get the best breed from the best I only wish I could get hold of a proper coasreing greyhound bitch different shape completely to tracking dogs but hard to come by these days
  3. if you have no expo buy a ready made dog and learn from it any breeding will do have fun and sooner or later you make your own mind up about what suits you.
  4. i,am from mid wales and crossed wild polecats with ferrets 50years ago they are the best workers you will ever have you dont need a marking dog because they wont enter when there is nothing at home and the dont bite if there well handled, and they dont come out until theres no rabbits in the burrow their faster than ferrets when working even greyhound ferrets arent as fast, why knock them when youve never worked them their not for beginners so stop talking them down. it doz my head in reading rubbish by in experrence people that think they know it all :D
  5. has the greyhound got papers if not flapping is all you will be able to do coarsing in this country is now ilegal not ireland you can take it rabbiting ok
  6. gary mobile 07967968383 ok mate be nice to hear from you.
  7. I still have the same blood I had off bunny killer 20 years ago and still top class workers but last year they go a waste-ing deseaease has any body had this because in all my years this is the first time I have ever seen it they seem to just waste away and dont want to drink or eat and then they die, I hand feeded one but he still died but lucky one male lived although in the same cage as the ones that died i have bread him with the last jill I have got hope i get a big litter of kits signed numberonepoacher
  8. I am welsh and proud of it age 58 years and male forth gen poacher I mean every type of poaching started writting a book but can not find the time to finish it.More like a hand book on poaching i do not know where it would be published but hope to finish it before I snuff it.

  9. not saying that you dont have a point there,but i wouldnt say all polecat owners keep them for that reason mate.like i said i have never kept ferrets only polecats.the reason i got mine was more of a wee project to see if i could rear them to a working abiity and it worked out for me.also like i said i very much boubt that these darrk polecats are wild.think they are adcvertised as that for the novelty aspect.until you actually rear one and work it then to condem everyone who trys to keep one is pretty much shuttered thinking.ive said before the worst ferret bite i ever recieved was from an al
  10. are you garry from neath or neath abby bunny killer i am ged numberonepoacher ystradgynlais if you are you know me and 20years ago i had a polecat cross off you she was better than any ferret that ever lived
  11. are you sure you are breeding wild polecats or just polecat ferrets that have escaped, wild pole cats are very big half again the size of ferrets male would take both hands to fit around thier necks i know because i have caught them log before mink were let go in this country.I have seen what some people call wild polecat crosses most are to small to be pure crosses.50 years ago i crossed them, it took many years breeding to reduse their size to use rabbiting one thing i will say when you go one you dont need a dog for marking as they dont go down empty holes signed numberonepoacher
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