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  1. these are my two cockers one is 6 years old the other is 7 weeks old.
  2. if you are stuck for seben mount,drop me a pm mate as i have one spare
  3. good shooting daz mate,the rapids looking good and obviously up to the job. atb scotty
  4. if you dont know about at and what to look for maybe best not to tamper with it.
  5. no,the pump is not needed it is a break barrel.just pellets needed.no idea about price haven't had a springer for years now.
  6. the hw90 is a gas ram break barrel and the pump will be for the gas ram
  7. accuracy is the key ,not calibre.they will both do the job but you have to do the work and practice hitting the target.the bsa supersport is a good starter gun and powerful enough for hunting.
  8. totally illegal its so unfair http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTPRwtvf5fk
  9. thats an expensive way to match pellets to barrel
  10. indexing spring it must be then only its not what its called on parts list,but as you say you know best :laugh:
  11. sounds like mag lifter post is worn mate. atb sneeky
  12. Going by your username....Thats a dodgy question...I mean, what would it give you permission to do if i gave you a blank permission slip...
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