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  1. Hi all im wanting to mount a photon xt onto my hw100 and looking for recommended mounts. Cheers Nick
  2. nicjhas

    Longnet Help

    Hi lads, Hope you can give me some good advice I have never used longnets but would like to start. I have sourced a 100 yard long net with basket It is the traditional type and only has 1 pole at each end but there is 8 spare poles with it. I think it's only been used once as it's practically brand new. I am thinking of making this into 4 x 25yd quick set nets but don't have any experience doing this. I would happily bring the net to someone and pay them to turn this into quickset nets and show me how to go on. Hopefully someone on here can help me this. Much appreciated ATB Nick.
  3. nicjhas

    Ferreting Dog

    Thanks for all the replies lads, some good information there to take on board. I'll think it through and maybe have a few more trips out with the lad, but if he did lose interest then I would make sure the dog got out often as I had them many years ago. I like the grey shaggy coat in them and Just thought a beddyxwhippet wouldn't be as big around the house as the missus not keen on big dogs. And apparently they don't drop much hair? (less to hoover up)
  4. nicjhas

    Ferreting Dog

    Hi lads, It's been a while since I was on here, but enjoying reading some of the new posts I've had my 13 year old son out ferreting a couple of times and he's really enjoying it but is asking for a dog. I was thinking down the lines of a bedlington terrier or a beddy cross? Nothing too big as it will be in the home and also a family pet. As long as the dog can mark a set and quick enough to catch a rabbit Looking at a puppy, preferably a xmas box for him. Personally we like the pure bedlington terrier (liver coloured) So if you know of anyone who has a bitch in pup or thinking of breeding one? I look forward to reading your replies I also posted in the terrier section ATB Nick.
  5. Hi all, it's been a while since last on here My 13 year old son has been out ferreting a few times and is now wanting a dog So I thought I'd post on here to see if anyone knows if anybody who has a bitch in pup or any pups for sale? Don't want anything too big as will be kept in the house and will also be a family pet. Personally I think a bedlington terrier or a small beddy x Just wants something that will mark up and also wick enough to catch a rabbit Was hoping to get one sorted for a xmas box. If any of you lads can put me in the right direction it will be much appreciated. ATB Nick.
  6. Hi, I've noticed 2 sores, 1 on each back leg of my 4 year old Jill, about the size of a penny, hair loss and weeping are noticeable. Any advice much appreciated ATB Nic
  7. nicjhas

    What lamp

    That's what I thought hence why I bought it, but the guy at the shop said they have had a few problems with the variable power sl170 lamps so has advised a standard beam or a tracer variable as they a more reliable
  8. nicjhas

    What lamp

    Exactly!! £100 lamp must have cost about £4 to make. Lightforce! More like shiteforce!
  9. nicjhas

    What lamp

    Hi all I have a choice of either a deben tracer 170 variable or a lightforce 170 standard. Recently had to return a lightforce 170 variable power (a xmas box for my son) because the switch failed first time out ,apparently a common problem. Any suggestions much appreciated ATB Nick
  10. nicjhas

    lightforce striker wanted

    Where are you located & how much mate? Cheers Nic
  11. Lightforce striker 170 lamp wanted with or without battery, cheers
  12. nicjhas

    HW 100KT .22

    any pics mate ?
  13. nicjhas

    Out today

    Thanks for the replies lads! Yes, a little gobsmacked myself to say the least! The BSA is a little on the heavy side for him, so looking to get him a PCP for his 14th birthday. He enjoys all feidsports, especially ferreting, and enjoys reading all of your story's like me, and taking in good advice. atb nic
  14. nicjhas

    Out today

    Hi all, Took the son out today for a few hours he was using a BSA Superstar underlever & I was using the AA S410 we managed 7 rabbits between us, he pulled off the shot of the day, (40yd standing head shot) & a clean kill, not bad for a 13yr old, he was buzzing & never shut up about all day. We shot quite a few myxy aswell, they aint much sport but need to be shot. Need that cover to die back so we can get out ferreting! ATB NIC
  15. nicjhas

    purse nets wanted

    Hi all, I'm after some good quality spun poly nets, County Durham area ,any help much appreciated. atb Nick