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  1. I asked when I went to pick her up mate sire bull Colie grey and dam was beddy whippet don't mind the Colie in there tho nearly the same as I said gaf ha
  2. Thanks gaf she a funny little thing
  3. Sire bull collie grey dam beddi whippet
  4. Thanks gaf what sort of heights you expecting from the pups and the dam to them pups what a nice dog she is and to put a bit of bull in there would make them a alround dog in my eyes thanks for the sharing the photos with me pal
  5. Gaf stick some pics up pal have you got pics of the sire and dam that bred your pups
  6. Any lads with picks and there experience please thanks
  7. I'm asking lads as I am going to pick her up on Saturday she will be 6 weeks
  8. Can you put a pic up of your bitch as I'm getting a bitch with the exact same breeding be nice to see good luck with your bitch pal
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