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  1. philm

    help the heroes

    any one interestedin doing something for forces im ex 2rrf for 12 yrs and alot of lads work dogs in forces and think we hunting lads could do something for them befor season starts and we all busy how about show and all money go to them i can get location nw area for nothing can strong stuff supply prizes im new at this so help with organisation would beappreciated
  2. full lamp outfit wanted with filter
  3. philm

    lads first day out

    cant get it up any ideas says file to big
  4. philm

    lads first day out

    lads first day hunting with his new ferret.
  5. anyone got any dogs for sale and i will come and steel them

  6. anyone got any dogs i can steel

  7. Hi oggys lad has asked me to put this up as he has problem with computer he is selling these pups good working strain yorkshire terrier x pomeranian with a bit of dashhound please pm him for details only £400
  8. Women should be like golf caddies!.....Either holding your balls or getting the f*cking tee ready.

    1. judge2010


      one for the femmanist's haha

  9. philm

    wanted full outfit

    wanted full ferreting outfit cage nets locator ferret. money waiting if any body giving up or wants to down size pm me cheers
  10. philm

    ferreting stuff

    any one getting rid of any net ferrets or cages near bury lancs pm me
  11. philm


    missed blog what lamp is it and whats with it
  12. Woman says to her friend "Sex with my husband is like the National Lottery draw.......... Same old Balls, No chance of a 69 and after 20 seconds, it all ends in a f*****g rollover!

  13. philm


    pilchards 35p a tin asda twice a week fuul of oil and omega 3
  14. philm

    dog chewing legs

    up to date worm and frontline have another dog and she has nothing no spots just straight lines of hair missing, that straight you think he been in barbers weird
  15. my dog has started to chew at his rear legs half way down on both sides in exactly the same spot to little bald patches have occured about an inch any one any ideas what could this be and remedy cheers