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  1. cmuzzy

    Great Help Needed From Members From Hull

    You cant have out these days im from hull hope they get whats coming to them fella atb Chris
  2. Got a 03 focus 1.8tdci starts and goes good got good.pulling power and over 140k on clock great reliable cars
  3. cmuzzy

    Hello From Hull

    Welcome too the site alec and on getting some permission around our way its hard going pal but im sure you'll get some! took me a while but i eventually got lucky with some ferreting then just asked about the use of air rifle's took a lot of asking and a few knock backs but nothing beats getting on that first perm and having a good day out makes all footwork worth it .atb chris
  4. cmuzzy

    3 Litre 300 Bar Bottle

    Where you located pal ?
  5. Be voting out for sure !!!
  6. bargain for someone wish I had £450 and not just bought a s410
  7. cmuzzy

    Permission In Hull

    Been out trying seems all the locals farm are either taken or just plain no thanks so thinks searching further a field maybe worth a try but thanks for your input guys
  8. Looking for land in hull or surrounding areas looking to do a bit of ferreting and shooting with air rifle , very respectful of landowners wishes and sensible too if anyone could help or point me in right direction would be great thanks . Chris
  9. Hi rake any permissions still available i am looking for some too shoot rabbits with a air rifle also have ferrets to . Regards .chris
  10. Hi guys looking for.land around hull east yorkshire area using air rifle and ferrets im sensible and insured respectful of surroundings and landowners wishes in regards as too what pest/quarry theyd like removed/controlled and boundries will be strictly adhered to ... any info or help would be greatly appreciated .regards chris
  11. Hi guys got a slow leaking airarms s410 anyone near me on here do services thanks chris
  12. cmuzzy

    The Cod Are Here...

    plenty of cod coming out the humber already lads