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  1. 3/8 dh 5/8 gh a have got on just now bred down from half crosses from bills stuff , if they like the 3/4 Bred we shall have handy thing , barring injury or turning into horses lol few pups left due to being let down lol pm for details ,can not grasp how to put pics up
  2. deleted messages lost a few contact numbers
  3. good hear the asha bitch produced some decent dogs, she deffo had the fire as a pup
  4. Where did your dh x go to ?? What was your reasons for sale ??
  5. never missed many bunnies as a young yin , good watch
  6. well done Shirley that's turned into a braw bitch well done again
  7. Cracking day out for the kids folks,al bring a bag of dry for ur raffle
  8. If a still had that cruise of shildon bred pure sal and that khan bitch pup add be way use Daz , canny see These dh gh x lifting many lol
  9. ha ha darran just pay the stud fee for the local dog ur mate has seen in the field
  10. Daz u got a small one lol could be anything between 26 to 30 odd lol
  11. two pups av got are rough coated bitch more than the dog,not realy herd much about the other pups,the dog pups taking it a bit sare from the 3 bitches most of the time its the older bitch his dam thats starting the carry on some lauph she goes on like shes a pup hur self lol
  12. dog was lucky 3 turns could have been worse,herd the first races this week over and under 23 tts and pups was good day last week hope its a bit warmer
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