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  1. Anyone in caithness area New to area and fancied a mooch
  2. Some really good sound a vice cheers boys
  3. Re homed a 4 year old sprocker dog he is magic getts on well with my jack Russell and no bother in the house I can walk him for hours 5 being the longest yet and when he gets home runs about the garden still full of beans I live in the middle of nowhere between 2 shooting estates so he going to be beating come the season Anytime he in garden he runs round and round for hours He gets fed once a day dried food with water and gets the usual titbits during the day Any ideas of calming him down or is it just the breed Cheers in advance
  4. can I reserve a bitch ? Pm me your number will pay up front
  5. In your option is the Beddy x Or Wheaton cross Which one ?
  6. Is the tortoise very fast? To be honest it depends if she had a good nights kip !
  7. It's a collie gru bull x greyhound
  8. Seems this was taken the wrong way guys ment to be banter like the pornography idea ha oh well
  9. Beardie collie greyhound x 5/8 3/8 bull x coursin greyhound What work would best suit this breeding ?
  10. Looking for 2/3 ferrets got plenty work to keep them busy
  11. beardy collie greyhoung x 5/8 3/8 bull x coursin greyhound What do you think of this breeding ?
  12. Looking for fellow mootchers in the highlands
  13. Conall Irish Scott's galliec name meaning strong. Wolf. High and mighty Thoughts
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