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  1. Lol Nahh mate look on you tube under grain mill I just adapted his idea
  2. Hi If anyone's interested and fancy saving a bit of money I made this corn mill.mills all petter feed ,grains, rolled barley.maize.ive saved 50% on feed costs.i now make my own pig mean. Chick/chicken feeds.goat.all from the raw materials with the extra supliments it's been very cost effective . Ang info required just ask.you don't have to use a petrol engine I used to use a electric one but decided to make it portable . It mills a 25kg bag in 25 mins Thanks http://rs1118.pbsrc.com/albums/k616/twotwothree1/Mobile%20Uploads/48C233E2-6AA5-4E46-BADD-DF73E0CD0DE3_zpsglgicaqm.mp4
  3. No health issues at all just wormed and checked daily.lots of straw in the bed nice warm and dry there's no problems. I did build a 12x5 concrete pad I front of the shelter so they always have something hard to stand on and dry when not raining obviously lol.as you will find out the burrow like rabbits.ive one at the minute that has dug down about 5 ft to unearth tree roots.very persistent animals.they have a lot of time to play.and patients to sit all day pushing on a weak bit of a fence and they never forget.enjoy
  4. I did 3 saddle backs last year paid £25 each I got them end of Jan and slaughtered beginning of November At the end both about 118kg dead weight you will love it great characters enjoy. Two nearly filler a 500 ltr freezer bear that in mind Without the endless cuts at least 70 odd pork chops Have fun all the best
  5. Thanks lads will have to suck it up and give it a go in house where he is used to animals being out of bounds.the bit that was worrying was he had been copying the terrier and nailing rats while out wandering in stables.just hope the ferrets don't activate the kill button .if he copy's the terrier this time all will be ok Thanks again
  6. Hi guys I do the whole ferreting,,shooting trapping lark.but this is my first year with a whippet and I'm a bit on the edge of caution to introduce the ferreting and whippet together.at home my whippet and terrier moch about the stables and pig pen together.now over the last few months he has started to follow in the terriers footsteps and become a good ratter.self taught lol.he is steady with all other dogs and cats but keen on the rabbits.infact both dogs are inseparable and work together lovely.terrier wouldn't touch a ferret she's steady.but I've yet to introduce the whippet.im 100% s
  7. Hi At my local abattoir it's £45 for kill and butcher into main cuts like hams ribs belly chops etc I had to cut bacon etc and loin off.but if the pig is over 100kg it jumps upto £70. Each Mine were just under 120kg each but I knew him so I didn't have to pay extra. Cheers
  8. Thanks guys It is lovely had a chop last night. Have you any tips on curing belly Regards Rich
  9. Well the day came two pigs taken dead weight both about 118kg never seen so much pork 84 chops n countless cuts, hams etc [/url Had to get a 500ltr catering freezer [url=http://s1118.photobucket.com/user/twotwothree1/media/Mobile%20Uploads/96EB4C09-B311-4EE5-B559-E319FAD6A9FF_zpsc44scrrk.jpg.html] Pork for tea
  10. Well the weaners eat everything possible in the starter pen so now they have the run of the whole area compete with a natural wallow area Plenty to go at till its time for the summer spit pig and freezer is filled. I love keeping pigs they are such characters Atb
  11. Hi I'm in need of some advice preferably from someone who has had a similar situation.lets say a relative of someone who had passed away and during the house clearance a a very old 22rf was found in a loft space. Obviously it's of sentimental value to a non licence holder.how do u get it put onto a let's say someone's fac certificate.do u apply for a slot then inform the police.What should happen with a found gun until it's on a cert. hypothetically of course Atb
  12. Never had a feo out for a variation either on any of them usually 4/6 weeks in derbyshire well that's my experience anyway Atb
  13. Hi I got a buttcher dvd shows u how to cut it up and use every bit it's called a pig in a day by Hugh fearnly whittingstsall the knives clever and saw etc is reasonable prices from a on line butchery shop Atb
  14. Its enough land but they will destroy it to mud in a week or three lol but they love to plough.i take mine to slaughter it's £20 and I get it back in two halvesthen butcher my self.you can transport yourself but through ur movement paperwork and tagged with your herd number u will need to contact defra to register ur land and get a cph holding number also animal health for a registration number also when you move u need to contact ur local movement office to confirm your pigs travels on the day as it has to coincide with u going to slaughter. Times etc as they do the same.its so simple look it
  15. Hi Does anyone know of these cartridge makers just wondered how old it was. It's paper and no5 shot. Made in Retford Nottinghamshire
  16. Thanks all .they obviously cost more to raise than buying in the meat but if you have room for pigs go for it the taste is fantastic.and you butcher them into as many cuts as you like the knife is in your hands so to speak.even if your just starting out the paperwork is easy with defra regards movement and cph numbers etc.we did it years ago would not look back.aslong as you can see past the cute pigs names the kids call them ull be fine.lol I have no trouble with that I just see fascinating characters carrying my Sunday roasts in toe .they have a better life upto slaughter than any production
  17. It's not electric but if they get out they can't really go anywhere the whole small holding is stock fenced very well it's been in that long the grass n holds it down I tried taking a section out the other week i could not move it without engine power lol.in the pics it's only a small section of my pen the whole pen is about a 3/4 of an acre so they keep entertained with no sign of a escape yet .a few years ago we had them running free all over they tried but couldn't get out the perimeter.i have got some electric fence in the horse paddocks if they try I'll put some up.we have fruit trees I
  18. It's the best meat home grown they get the surplus veg from the allotments plus weaner nuts too then into finishing feed slow growers are the best no excessive fat then just nice lean piggy. Atb
  19. Yes I sm doing another soon and will insert some glass that I will cut to the same shape
  20. Got these 3 saddleback wearers 3 weeks ago coming on nicly First ready for summer bbq atb 223
  21. No I don't re load ianm i don't shoot enough rounds to warrant spending in reloading equipment to be honest cheap enough the remi that I use
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