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  1. Large home made single ferret hutch for sale No legs or locks but can easily be added £15 ono pm if interested
  2. Saiger

    North East Jill Jab Clinics

    would be good cos i got two jills that need doing...
  3. Saiger

    Whippet Open At Cambois Greyhound Track.

    i (lee's dad) would have come up with the Lee and his whippet but i am at work then watching footy .... but i hope its a canny day for the folk who turn up...
  4. Saiger

    Ferreting this morning

    aye im out regularly either ferreting, shooting(with a CO2 air rifle) or my whippet... its just finding where there is plenty of rabbits
  5. Went ferreting this morning over the local woods...only got 2 rabbits out of 3 sets... should have had more but not much you can do when three rabbits bolt out of the same hole one after another. Not bad for first time properly working young hob... will try and upload pictures later Lee
  6. Saiger

    deben ferret collars

    if you are just after the collar... go to the pound shop and get a cat collar... they fit perfect through the transmitter and just need cutting to length.. the are made from nylon webbing so when you cut it down burn the end to stop it fraying... cheers
  7. we have run several cross country shows and showjumping events, my friend has liability insurance of 1 million pound, toilets are onsite and so is a burger van, and when they lived at there old place, held several succesful lurcher events, so i think they have the right experience to run one, as i have said previosly, i have nothing to do with the show, only helping them advertise it i know that your only advertising for your friend but the prices are a bit much..... what price were the classes at the several succesful lurcher events.... if it was more than a couple of quid i doubt they were succesful...and my dad says that in 35 years of having lurchers and saluki x's ....... he has never ever seen whippets judged with the terriers.... my dad and his mates held a very successful show at spenny dog track years ago and half of the takings went to Blue Acres ... which is now Stray Aid..... i think they raised over £200 for them... i hope you raise some money for stray aid but i think that in this case...less is more... i hope it works out cheers Lee
  8. Saiger

    Tumbler/Norfolk Lurcher?

    my dad says he used to have a small whippet / greyhound in the early 's he said it was a scratch dog but it used to turn its head all the time when it was passing other dogs so it kept getting barred from racing so he worked it and it became a tumbler... he says what he means is a tumbler was a style of running and not a type of dog every catch the dog made was nearly always from the side of what ever it was chasing and it threw itself at the rabbits and hares and tumbled over coming up with it in its mouth.. so tumbler was a term for the way it striked really he said the dog would hang back about 2 or 3 yards when running then put a very quick burst of speed and throw itself at whatever it was after when the hare or rabbit slowed for a ditch dyke or fence .. he said it caught loads of stuff but nearly everything was tumbled and it often had to catch the same thing twice because it dropped it when tumbling.. i think it might just be a slang term or a description from when he was younger cos when i am out with my mates and one of our dogs falls over when striking we just rip each other cos it blanked on the strike Lee
  9. Saiger

    CO2 Air Rifles

    i have a smk qb78 dl and my dad took it to bits cleaned and polished a few things then replaced the seal and its great now.... on the farm i have shot rabbits rats and squirrells and also pigeons from off the top of the dutch barns... so thats about a 25 metre shot... no problem.. when its cold it is affected a small amount but not much.. my dad gets the 12g bottles in boxes of 50 for about £16 on the internet... sometimes i just put one empty and one full in and i get about 25 shots at about 11 lb cos there is no point of wasting all that gas if i am hunting.. 25 shots is enough for me cos sometimes there is not a lot about. during the summer when we first tuned the gun my dad had to change the seal because it was too powerful on the crono my dad said that it was 4lb over so we went home and he put a smaller seal in then tested it again and it was about 11 lb and it started dropping to about 8lb after 25 shots so i have my pellets in bags of 25 then i let the gas out and put a new gas cartridge in . i like my gun because it is light and does not kick when i fire it.and sometimes i just shoot 5 pence coins that i blu tack on the side of the shed. the most times i have hit it is 9 times in a row but its only about 10 metres away Lee
  10. Saiger

    Show us your coursing fluffs

    Big ears....he says if he ever gets back into running dogs properly again.. those dogs of yours are the stamp he says he likes.. but for now he will have to make do going out with me and my whippet and my ferret.. thanks Lee
  11. Saiger

    Show us your coursing fluffs

    my dad says they look like some of the older dogs from the Lucy / Blackarse bloodlines that some lads he knew from up ashington / linton way used to have
  12. Saiger

    Sea fishing help anyone?

    there is some good fishing in that area... i go with my dad and he uses this site a lot http://www.whitbyseaanglers.co.uk/ cheers Lee
  13. well i know my is not illegal as it is regularly checked on the power measurer ....it was over 12 when getting tuned but was made under 12 again by putting a smaller transfer seal in...
  14. I mate i have the 78 and it a cracking little gun,but when i got it i was only getting 7flb,but with a bit of cleaning and a new set of seals its up around 11.4 on a hot day. i have a qb 78 dl and my dad polished all the bits inside and replaced the transfer seal and he sorted the barrel end out and we put it on a power measurer and it was over 12 so we put a smaller seal in and it was back down to 11 lb i use it to shoot rabbits and it is a good gun but it looses a bit power after 20 shots with one full and one empty so we always let the gas out and put another bulb in or just use 2 full ones if we are going to do a lot of shooting... my best kill was 38 paces away.. a clean head shot
  15. Saiger


    still at hartlepool, seaham, and sunderland .. this warm calm spell has brought them in again... so be quick there are a few still to be got