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  1. I have it in a book somewhere that 1st cross Deerhound x greyhound is ALWAYS smooth if both sides are pure bred. Second cross you can get rough coats. Wrong
  2. Might as well be I must be the only person on here that gets more replies when theres no picture than when there is a picture
  3. Its really shitty when this happens, its happened to me..Some of my so called "friends" in Ashington knew who stole the dog, people who sat in my home and had dinner with me, and they never let on..which still leaves a bad taste in my mouth about people..I never saw the dog again..hope you have better luck in finding the dogs, and better luck with so called friends
  4. Hi matie, dont knock bull crosses, saluki crosses and canon camera users and you will be ok
  5. Hey Bedlington man, top end or the station?

  6. Judged a lurcher show at Ayre many years ago, some boys had put a three quarter bred deerhound x greyhound in where the time trails were going on for greyhounds, the three quarter bred got 3rd fastest time of the morning..
  7. Even the pond nearby was solid, but for a bit in the middle, this duck was managing though..
  8. Hardly the first choice for fox, game enough or not
  9. I put a chicken carcase out for them, they were actually going inside it, its completely stripped, think a plague of locusts have been on in.
  10. Cheers TM for reminding me, mine was solid
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