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      I wa brought up by my grand parents i  was taught to be relatively well mannered  i am a mardy boy Maerdy bred and I'm proud to be a  Maerdy boy I went to school in Maerdy  i boxed as a junior and senior for Maerdy so I think that makes me a Maerdy person. Now then I apologise to anyone if I've come across as rude it was unintentional from my side of the coin.However having said that those who has given it the big un then expect  it back.Back in the days  I was breeding whippet x greyhounds  a hybrid  that was a luxury to me a running dog that was widely reputed in the u.k...obviously to certain individuals who seemingly chose to like such a longdog as the whippet/ greyhound/ longdog/ hybrid. There are devoted people in vigorously involved with the longdogs i once bred and those certain individuals who swap and change their lurcher or longdogs like no tomorrow.....Trial merchants whom I regard as folk that are typically undecided as to whether they are happy with a particular lurcher or longdog....to be perfectly honest and truthful with readers of this forum you clearly have no doubt as to what I mean .just enjoy your kind of fieldwork with your type of ? in sport Carl Williams. 

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