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  1. the-lurcher-man

    2X Pups For Sale 10 Week Old

    Nice pups
  2. the-lurcher-man

    Cluelite Lithium Battery

    Have you got a pic
  3. the-lurcher-man

    Bushing Dog Wanted

    I have a beddy x cocker bitch if your intrested good little busher 9 month old
  4. the-lurcher-man

    Ferret Locater Mk1

    Locater wanted will pay p&p
  5. the-lurcher-man

    Ferret Finder With Micro Collar

    This still for sale pal
  6. the-lurcher-man


    Wanted ferrets in the Doncaster area can pick up pm me please
  7. the-lurcher-man

    Ps3 Slim

    swap ps3 slim with 9 games all wires one pad mint con works perfect swap for a co2 gun
  8. the-lurcher-man


    wanted albino and a silver female ferrets in or near doncaster must be ready to work will pay as much as a fiver per ferret
  9. the-lurcher-man


    someone told me that lurchers un better without ther collars on just wondered if it was true
  10. the-lurcher-man

    Wanted Beak Barrel

    wanted a beak barrel air rifle
  11. the-lurcher-man


    wanted 2 jill ferrets for free
  12. the-lurcher-man

    Wanted Air Rifle

    wanted air rifle between 100-150 or cheaper pcp co2 or spring
  13. the-lurcher-man

    Crosman Nightstalker

    have you got a pic of the actual gun
  14. the-lurcher-man

    Crosman Nightstalker

    yes thank you let me know i havnt got nothing to swap or i would gladly
  15. the-lurcher-man

    Crosman Nightstalker

    would you consider selling pm me with a price if so cheers