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  1. think you've got it wrong, I mean, what people are on about lolWhys that? Works for me and my dog so that's all that matters other people can do as they please its whatever works for them ill not loose no sleep over it
  2. I do both just depending on what I'm goin to be doing i usually feed between 8-10 on a night if I'm just goin for an hour or 2 i don't think there's any need to feed them an extra meal during the day if I know hes goin to have a hard night ill feed him in the afternoon aswel...just know your dogs limits leave a couple in the tank they always there to run next time...always done the same never had no hassle with the dogs energy wise
  3. Ive the clulite best 50 notes ive spent in a while worth every penny but still the beam could be a little wider the white beam takes abit to get used too you don't get your quarrys eyeshine back quite as much as with the yellow beam of the Halogen
  4. White ones a beauty looks well for 12 month
  5. Got whippet grey fastest dog I've ever seen by a long shot
  6. Nell was shearer to a lurcher bitch just Heinz 57 type, but she could run them the only criticism from the dvds is that she pushed her hares alittle far but a very good bitch non the less
  7. Very happy with mine aswel brenna nothing phases him takes gates and hedges without breaking a stride just taking it slow with him still got a good bit maturing to do yet..I'll be giving him a few over next 6 week if ground permits
  8. No think I'm on about a different grunter he only be 6/7 mate
  9. Am I thinking of the right one big black dog?
  10. Never seen it run..but I've seen it in the flesh horrible looking fecker..it hasn't got a nose it's stone radged
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