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  1. Looking for a pac training collar,with shock and vibrate. Thanks Amanda
  2. Does anyone have a Porta Mag box for sale,small greyhound size.
  3. Hi, whats he like with other dogs?I really like the look of him,i have 5 others,do you think he would adapt to indoor living?Might seem a stupid question,but what is he like on the lead? Amanda
  4. Thanks Tina and Tom and Carol,its nothing to do with them,i hope they understand why.Tell them to have a fab weekend,and will see them soon/ Amanda.xx
  5. Hope you have a great time,we not be there,would,nt feel welcome.xx
  6. My husband took our dogs,and turned around and came home.Pathetic,it should have been cancelled,rather than waste peoples time and money getting there.
  7. Yep,you are right,it has moved. And it is on this weekend.
  8. Hi, We usually import pulleys but the shipping costs have rocketed. Does anyone have any for sale,or know where we can purchase any in the uk. Thanks Amanda..
  9. Glad she went to a good home,she was a credit to you. Happy christmas Amanda
  10. Hi, Did the whippeygrey go,she is lovely looking Amanda..
  11. Sorry,i mean under 23 inches to the shoulder,we work,show and race our dogs,my last unders dog grew to 26 inches,my old under 23 has now retired,so we want another unders dog.I have two beddy x ,s as well.. Amanda..
  12. Gorgeous pups,i am very tempted with a blue dog,the parents are stunning.Do you think they will make unders dogs? Amanda
  13. Hi, Can anybody help.I am fostering this little lad,we know he has whippet,but to me ,he has slightly bull features and a stocky build.He is approx 6 months and about 21 to the shoulder.I have 5 lurchers,but not familiar with bull crosses.He is so bright,a pleasure to have ,just wanted an opinion. Thanks in advance Amanda Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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