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  1. I'll take it pal check your messages :-)
  2. Can't see if #11 sold? The Skinner/gutter piggyback setup
  3. Hi all due to the ongoing clear-out i'm having i have this clulite midi for sale comes with battery pack li ion last ages with 3 settings if memory serves and an extra red filter this has only been used a handful of times hence its now up for grabs, i would rather mention now that i'm struggling to find the charger but i will keep looking but bearing this in mind i'm only asking £40 just in case i cant find the charger in time but they should be readily available if i find the charger i wont be asking any more for it but it did cost e £75 last year. collection from HX7 or recorded delivery for whatever it costs i will look into it should you wanted it shipped. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/f9tzcf2azgsrsam/AAAcxynXC2ZmefOm3lmT52sva
  4. Hi all i have for sale a machete as i dont really use this so having a bit of a clear out i think i have inly used this once for some brush cutting and its great for that kind of thing being about 20" in length and very sharp and heavy, due to this its collection only from HX7 looking for £20 as thats what you can pick them up for these days on the web. https://www.dropbox.com/sc/8hsd04duf9tehyd/AACXXOOcP_g6wOLQHnxSN6mza
  5. Hi all due to other hobbies that need financing I have to sell one of my shotguns it's a miroku mk800 28" barrels skeet and skeet so makes for a perfect game gun. Will be sad to see this go but needs must and if taken this weekend I will take £390 for her as this is £100 cheaper than the cheapest I have seen on gun trader. Collection only in HX7 https://www.dropbox.com/sc/gtq2of8c4sgk1ze/AACG9sePTuHPn2p0ICtFr9u8a
  6. Sorry to the people who messaged me but the mobile site doesn't quite work with replies and notifications so struggling to get back in touch you can email me at Joey.williams73@yahoo.com if that helps
  7. Where are you based I can't see it on the mobile app ? As I have a BSA ultra tac in .177
  8. Hi folks I have a gamo single stroke pneumatic target pistol for sale as it's just not getting used only seen about 2 hours of use looking for £50 collected or £60 posted
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