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    Goose Decoys

    Hi guys I'm wanting to make some goose decoys out of ply but dose anybody have any patterns I could use please thanks Chris PS they will be added to our Chris green trater deoys to fill the pattern
  2. I swear by the Chinese makes they are so much better at a cut of the price cree is the make of the led not the torch so bear that in mind pal and yes they mainly use 18650 battery's which are better too
  3. Hi guys is anyone doing some roost shooting near hull I could tag along on I fancy giving it a go thanks cav
  4. What sort of shooting gear are you after pal
  5. I'm looking for some duck shooting as in title willing to pay any info will help thanks
  6. I would buy the photon miles better but if you want an add on like the ns50 your better off making one your self I made one for 140 pound and can shoot well out to 200 yards and spot them 450 easy
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